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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Minimuscles, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. 1. Re enable Ender Pearls in the spleef arena

    2. Re enable Fishing rods in the spleef arena
  2. Fishing rods were previously added but didn't end up working out.

    However, I do support ender pearls as I think they would be an interesting addition.
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    While enderpearls can allow for some more interesting strategies, we found that they were for the most part just used as a method of easy escape. They extended the game times far too long because players would simply teleport away whenever there was any risk to them. We don't plan on re-enabling them any time soon.

    As for fishing rods, I personally quite enjoyed them when they were enabled. Many players complained that they were disabled, but when we re-enabled them even more complained.
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  4. An issue with the fishing rod. If you latched onto someone with the fishing rod and then got out, the fishing bob would still be attached to them meaning you could pull them into the lava even though they were still in and you were out.

    Another Suggestion is to add a new set of tnt buttons which spawns the similar tnt structures we have in the arena (corner/center tnt). However instead there is a redstone block in the center of it tnt structure so it'll set off the tnt timer instead of waiting for a player to shoot it. This will allow the spleef host to make a decision if they want the tnt to go off a few second laters after the button has been pressed or wait until a player sets off the tnt with a flame bow in the arena.
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    That issue with the fishing rod would not be difficult to fix, but regardless, people disliked the fishing rods for other reasons.

    We'll be putting in better controls for TNT at some point, may install something like what you suggested as well.
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