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    Unfortunately since we do not have logs for spleef items won in the newer arena, we will not be able to return these rewards. I apologize that we are unable to follow through with this and I did not give notice sooner. We cannot confirm who won which items and some were sold, traded, etc. So there's no way we can return them at this point. There's always a chance to win them back or trade for them.

    For build comp winners, the teams split their rewards up. The leaders decided who gets which items - those will be coming soon too. We are only returned items from the last build comp.
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  2. Durpy

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    Ide just want the heads + gold armor, i couldent care less about the other stuff (Build Comp)

    Spleef Items:
  3. seagull

    seagull Villager

    In addition, each team's MVP will receive an unbreakable elytra.
    MVP: seagull_solvent

    Squid Spawn Egg
    Phantom Spawn Egg
    Endermite Spawn Egg
    128 XP bottles
    1 Beacon
    Cthulhu Head
    Old Builder Boots
    Cthulhu's 7th Tentacle

    I'm alright without the head, I just really want my builder boots and elytra back. And the tentacle, but if that one can't be done, it's okay.

    Edit: I got full prizes from my team. Skyflower was the one who announced it for my team.
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  4. Photorose2002

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    I don’t remember who gets what but I know I got full prizes, I can’t specificity everything but I’m sure another player who got full prizes does :) (build comp)
  5. sStari

    sStari Veteran

    This is the only image I have of my spleef rewards. The only thing i really want is the elytra.
  6. KazIsAsian

    KazIsAsian Villager

    Squid Spawn Egg
    Phantom Spawn Egg
    Endermite Spawn Egg
    192 XP bottles
    1 Beacon
    Axolotl Head
    Unbreakable Golden Helmet and Leggings
    Aging Builder Boots
    Axolotl Feed
    Incase our MVP never sees the announcement, please return full items and MVP rewards to Aumo.
  7. Picture of what was sent to Shaz + #non-urgent-reports. A mod said these were recorded and checked before they were deleted from #non-urgent-reports. Numbers on items not perfect, but these were some of the items: Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 4.18.16 PM.png
  8. I sent you screenshots of my spleef items. As for the build comp rewards, here’s what team Cyborg won:

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  9. GooseMCX

    GooseMCX Villager

    I was team Axolotl and got full rewards, was told I had to post an individual response so if I wasn't, sorry
    IGN: MrGoos
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  10. I won the green shulker box... I don't think I have a screenshot because I dyed it cyan
  11. I got full rewards for team axolotl and have screenshot proof with dates set a matter of two or three days before the server reset if needed, IGN: Scarlet724
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  12. Same
  13. I also received full prizes for team cyborg.
  14. Jaffasaurus

    Jaffasaurus Moderator Moderator

    I got full prizes for team penguin
  15. How am i supposed to prove what I got for Axotle (IDK how to spell it) if I never screen shotted it. I only know i didnt get MVP
  16. Ok since i am seeing all these here
    Full rewards for team cthulu
  17. Full rewards for me too on team Cthulhu
    (IGN: happy_guy)
  18. I'm not sure if build comp items were logged, but I know I got the reward for Team Cyborg
  19. They were, and I am already working on that :)
  20. Am I too late?


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