Special Project - Casino Build Competition and Hiring Builders

Discussion in 'Buying' started by Tanthalas, Feb 23, 2021.

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    Hello all you Safe Survival community members!

    I am starting construction of a Redstone Casino at mountain warp... I will be doing all the redstone, but if I were to build the structure or decorate... well lets say it would look very 2013...

    So I need your help!

    I want to find the *best* casino design imaginable. This is your chance to shine!

    There will need to be a redemption center for jackpot items, a few places for some small shops (preferably people will have to walk past the game machines to reach the shops), and plenty of room for the gaming machines - some of which are designed, some of which are still being worked on by myself.

    Please help me by designing a classy and inviting exterior, and a general interior pattern that could be adapted to different layouts. Please submit as many photos of the exterior as are necessary, and a photo or two of a sample interior design.

    Feel free to design in creative and then submit the photos here. The architect of the winning design will get a STACK OF DIAMOND BLOCKS for your work, and will have the opportunity to oversee the building as foreman and get paid a daily rate until the project is finished.

    ALL OTHER NON-WINNING APPLICANTS WILL RECEIVE 8 DIAMOND BLOCKS for a complete submission (one that includes exterior and interior shots). This is to compensate you for your time and as appreciation for participating. I will also probably offer builder positions to those who show promise.

    My mountain warp plot is 107x66, and I will need a fancy entrance along the long side, as there are other plots between the warp and the short side.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to me here, in game (ign Tanthalas42) or privately on Discord (discord Tanthalas#4664)

    Thank you very much, and I look forward to seeing your designs!
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  2. I'm going to participate
    Ign: Lun2008
    Discord: Lun2008#7970
  3. Tanthalas

    Tanthalas Villager

    Thanks, Lun! Do your best and good luck! Can't wait to see what you come up with.
  4. I would like to participate!!
    My discord: ShadowElite48#4604
    Insta: ShadowElite48
    Mc User: Shadow_Elite48
  5. Tanthalas

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    To all those preparing builds, I will be closing the contest on March 11. Please post your builds by then or message me on discord. Thank you!
  6. Tanthalas

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    Well... disappointing, but no one submitted anything so I guess this whole thing is a wash. The contest is hereby closed with no winners. If you took time to prepare something but didn't get it submitted, please contact me and I will still give you your participation award.

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