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Discussion in 'Reports' started by funnybutt8, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. OK I do have a potato and it may be my machine it self, but spawn generally takes quite a long time to load. And I understand that this may just be me, but I have no allowance, and no hope for things for Christmas.

    Hope to find a solution because it is driving me up the wall but I also don't want people to think I'm rude.
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  2. Certainly just you. A problem with loading chunks is usually 90% the player and not the server.
  3. yes but at the same time, I am using optifine and THE minimum settings with an 8 chunk render. I have also made my PC to run with the lowest resources as possible also. At the same time running at 75c on my cpu....
  4. As soon as I go to spawn I freeze for about 2-3 seconds. Certain spots of spawn load slowly for me as well.
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  5. Ikith

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    Haven't had an issue loading spawn, I give my minecraft 4 gigs of memory though :\
  6. I do have trouble loading spawn, having to wait 2-5 seconds, I am running on a macbook air but I didn't lag too much (Of course this was before 1.13)
  7. You should note that having your render distance higher doesn't affect your lag, as the server render distance is 4 chunks. (If I remember correctly)
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  8. Also with me, loading spawn now takes maybe 3-5 seconds.
  9. I don’t know the specs on my computer, (not much of a computer guy) but I load spawn almost instantly, and I’m playing on a 2013 Mac. I don’t know how to optimize ram so it might have tons of it dedicated to MC, but other than that I can’t imagine my computer outperforming an actual PC.
  10. Im on a potato too. Spawn loads very slow. But this is client sided, not server sided. I just take this into account when visiting spawn (and visit less often)
  11. The only time spawn loads slowly for me is when I am running a highly detailed resourcepack.
  12. Well to me the new spawn even though it's pretty good looking it's also laggy on my laptop it almost crashed my game when trying to load it up....most likely from the custom mobs and the biome it was changed into and amount of entities...
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    About the same here, no problems whatsoever after the first couple of seconds delay.