Shulker Box Storage System

Discussion in 'Creations' started by Dr_Positive, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. I made a thing in creative. :)
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  2. Instructions unclear; shulker teleported on wall.
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  3. Save me from the music. Maybe make it just be a botton you push that alternates through your placed shucker boxes
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  4. Lisard

    Lisard Recruit

    Dood, you're so awesome with the redstone.
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  5. I'll never understand these complex redstone contraptions, like some of you. I will always envy that because the most I can do is make doors open and close, on repeat, and blow stuff up...
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  6. You know, I can... I can totally do that. Pshhhhh... like I can make a door open with a pressure plate, yep.... totally better ;)
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  7. I guess I'm the only one confused here. I have no idea what this thing is doing, how it works, or why I would want one. I would urgently recommend a narration track.
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  8. Blah

    Blah Event Staff Event Staff

    I would love to build it, however if you're willing to donate to the BlahLovesMoney foundation I'm sure it could be built.
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  9. I will donate 1 bone to help you out
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  10. I'm poor D: I dun have $$ to donate :p

    For future redstone things I make I might overlay some messages on the videos explaining what they are. (Still working on finalizing some designs and whatnot before future videos) I also put some stuff in the description of the video explaining it.
  11. Pretty sweet. You could probably expand that to make a near infinite loot area.

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