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  1. Maxed Netherite Brave Ark! - 45DB
    Frosty's Nose - 25DB
    Autographed Stick - dunno give me an offer
    Explorers Compass - 7DB
    dirt - 9999999999999999999999999999DB

    Reply to this post or dm me on discord @ Stakar#6721

  2. What is the Autographed Stick?
  3. this

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  4. How much for it?
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  6. Agreed. Where do I buy this very special dirt?
  7. from me
  8. Found a buyer for the autographed stick. Thanks Caspian!
  9. Erm... I was interested, you know.
  10. So? I believe Caspian answered first, and as the seller, I can pick who i want to sell things to. Nobody is entitled to something just for being first.
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  11. Have you still got the compass?
  12. You literally just said nobody is entitled to something just for being first... but if you wish to lose profit overall, I can't stop you.
  13. ok lol. lag yea i do
  14. bumpity bump bump

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