Selling Unbreakables, Spawner, Heads, Rares, + More

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Durpy, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. Unbreakables:
    ■ Sword (20db)
    ■ Gold Sword (30db)
    ■ Bow (15db)
    ■ Shovel (15db)
    ■ Hoe (10db)
    ■ Fishing Rod (7db)

    ■ Super Compass (6-7 Stacks, Offers?)
    ■ Whip (3 Stacks)
    ■ Armored Elytra (3 stacks) [If you're my friend this item is discounted]
    ■ Scythe (1 Stack) [If you're my friend this item is discounted]
    ■ Walking Stick (50db) [If you're my friend this item is discounted]
    ■ Refractor (45db)
    ■ Winter Boots (20-30db)
    ■ Vip Sheild (25) [If you're my friend this item is discounted]
    ■ Elytra (25)
    ■ Cactar (25db)
    ■ Elite Bow (13db)
    ■ Cupids Bow (10db)
    ■ Oxiclean (7db)
    ■ Vet Sword (5db)
    ■ Telescope (5db)
    ■ M&Ms (5db)
    ■ Poison Apple (5db)
    ■ Regular Sword (1db)[/B]
    ■ Member Sword (2 Diamonds)
    ■ 8 King Arrows (1 diamond)

    ■ Steve Plushie
    ■ Valentines Bear (3db)

    Other Items:
    Placeable Spawner (3-4 stacks)
    Trident (25-30db)
    Shiney Diamond Block (7db)
    Shiney Glass Block (7db)
    Shiney Crafting Table (5db)
    Shiney Slime Block (5db)
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  2. How much for the whip?
  3. 4 Stacks
    (Im willing to trade for db, or for heads/rares, ill view offers)
  4. How much for gamecube and toaster?
  5. Oh im sorry i forgot to remove from list, the only head i have for sale is bee and steve plushie (Steve plushie is quite rare, and i kinda wanna keep it for longer)
  6. well i want to buy stevo plooshie please
  7. Ok, prob about 1.5-2 stacks (If you're wondering why here's how the heads were obtained, you had to 1: have mythical, and then 2: Redeem The Mythical Bonus, 3: Wait until server reset and join.) Not many of these heads exist so that's why the price is so high.
  8. I'll take it Durpy

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