[SELLING] Tridents (3) not enchanted

Discussion in 'Selling' started by ShinyFairy, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. So...i don't understand haha
    What do u mean?
  2. (No longer in the bid)
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  3. Welp my limit was 30 so Wolf can have it (unless another bidder wants in).
  4. Remember that Option 1 and Option 2 are just that, OPTIONS. If u want and unenchanted one u still can, if that is the case then just say ''option 1 unenchanted'' or ''option 2 unenchanted'', both should be sold at the same price
  5. 5 hours for option 2 if no one offers!
  6. I still don:t get it so...please tell me if i give option 1 to someone :)
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  7. Trident is yours!!
  8. Trident is yours!!
  9. Actually, I’ve decided to back out. Cancelling my other bid(s).
  10. Sure :)
  11. For the ones that got the trident...will u want it or not? Otherwise i'll have to offer them again... So please answer the messages or tell me. :)
  12. I'll wait until sunday at 15:00 here (it's 21:30 right now) for your answers, otherwise i'll sell them again. :)
  13. Is there still one to be bidding on?
  14. I don't know... That's what i want to know
  15. Well...seems like there's no answer from the ones that won, i'll be selling the tridents at server. :)
  16. If it's available, I'd like to offer 21Db for the option 2
  17. Option 2 is gone, Bart got it :)

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