[SELLING] Tridents (3) not enchanted

Discussion in 'Selling' started by ShinyFairy, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. They're not enchanted at all. But...

    If you want me to enchant it, you should add 3DB to your final bid, it will be full enchantment as you wish. (Or the price you suggest is fair)

    OPTION 1:
    -Impaling V
    -Loyalty III
    -Unbreaking III

    OPTION 2:
    -Impaling V
    -Unbreaking III

    As they are not enchanted, mi base price is 20DB.

    If someone offers, it has to be 1DB up each new offer.
    If the bid is up to 30DB, the next offers has to be of 5DB up.

    Any suggestions and comments i'll be grateful to read. :)

    PD: I'll wait exactly 24 hours until the last offer, then it ends.

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  2. ill do 20 dbs for option 2
  3. Syco

    Syco Moderator Moderator

    Ill bid 20db for one of them unenchanted
  4. 21 for option 2
  5. 22 for option 2.
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  6. 25 For Unenchanted
  7. 23 option 2
  8. 24 option 2
  9. 25 option 2
  10. ABashfulbear

    ABashfulbear Moderator Moderator

    26 option 2.
  11. 30 dbs option 2.
  12. So... At this moment:

    Option 1: 40DB
    Option 2: 30DB
    Unenchanted: 25DB
  13. 30DB for unenchanted
  14. Ice_breaker97 says:

    35DB for unenchanted

    (He can't log in)
  15. Ice_breaker 97 says:

    40DB for unenchanted

    (He can't log in)
  16. 8 hours for option 1 and option 2 if no one offers!!
  17. 45DB Option 1 & 35DB Option 2

    Oh nvm just been told at halloween warp now ill just bid on cheapest now thanks :)
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  18. Do you mean you’ve canceled your other bids or...?
  19. 50 DB for unenchanted
    For some reason, my bid was deleted and I don't remember deleting it
  20. So...unenchanted goes for GracestarThrone!! :) Congrats, meet me as soon as u can, i'm online!

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