Selling Some Extra Heads

Discussion in 'Selling' started by MoodSwings, Apr 7, 2021.


    Leprechaun Plushie x2 - 4DB for both SOLD
    Gumball Machine x2 - 10DB for both One left!
    Easter Basket - 3DB
    Pink Candle - 2DB SOLD
    Valentines Day Basket x2 - 8DB for both One Left!
    Purple Candle - 3DB SOLD
    Crayon? Box - 5DB SOLD
    Pink Head thingy - 3DB SOLD

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  2. SmolRin

    SmolRin Veteran

    Can i have the candles and a gumball machine head?
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  3. So both Candles and a Gumball machine for 10DB?
  4. con

    con Recruit

    hey pro,

    I'll buy the Easter basket
    the 2 plushies
    and the easter egg (pink thingy)

    n' the crayon box :D

    totaling: 17 DB

    i think anyway.. dm me when you have a time i can come on and purchase :D
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