Selling large warp claim

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Wesley2610, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. Howdy I'm selling a pretty big 1988 block land claim directly in front of mountain warp (first thing you see) for 1 stack of diamond blocks. The claim is pretty big, with a yellow duck and a large unfinished building that will be pretty easy to remove with either TNT or a fast pickaxe (Mostly sandstone and logs).
    Here are some screenshots of the claim (marked in Diamond Blocks)
    upload_2020-9-24_23-16-37.png Large building is placed along the edge of the claim, so the log pillars act as border indicators.
    upload_2020-9-24_23-17-52.png It was initially a shop but obviously I hadn't been stocking enough for it to be a viable option, so I got claim noticed.

    Anyways, selling this for 64 Diamond Blocks
  2. Sold the claim - Thread Closed

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