Selling Flower Forest Warp Claim!

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Pbglasius, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Pbglasius

    Pbglasius Moderator Moderator

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    I am looking to sell my claim at the wonderful flower forest warp. It is roughly 10 blocks from the admin claim, with clear access. The claim is 63x19 blocks, so plenty of space to build something nice.

    Provided is an image of the claim:

    I have not put a lot of thought in to the price of it yet, so I will let people post their offers below. There is a requirement that means more to me than diamonds though. I wish for the build to be used to make something that is both pretty to look at, and fits with the warp as I wish to keep flower forest the best warp.
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  2. I am looking for a place to build a little shack sort of thing that will look a bit old fashioned and sell armour. I am willing to negotiate from 15DB but I don’t really know what is a good value action for it.
    Please reply if you would like to accept or decline my offer.
  3. Kanna

    Kanna Veteran

    Uhhhhh, i have no idea what I can offer but I want it, will login tonight sometime and see x.x


    I kid, I saw you gave it to drew, good choice. He is a good builder and will do us proud at flower warp

    edit2: un-spoilering above message ^ so I don't cause trouble for myself or anyone else s:
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  4. Durpy

    Durpy Veteran

    thats a lot... lol for such little land! omg
  5. Kanna

    Kanna Veteran

    read the spoiler durpy d; the land was already gone, I was too late it seems
  6. Pbglasius

    Pbglasius Moderator Moderator

    I do have more land at flower forest I can sell you if you are still interested :)
  7. I don’t have as many dB to offer then kanna but I would really like to build an old market shack thing which will I think really add the the warp. Please if possible consider 15DB for a small claim

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