Selling Enchanted Books

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  1. I have a lot of books sitting around and figured I might as well sell them!
    The numbers in brackets symbolize the quantity of each book.
    In parentheses you will see the extra enchantments that a book has on it.

    Books for sale:
    Respiration III [4]
    Unbreaking III [2]
    Sweeping Edge III [2]
    Sharpness V [1]
    Infinity [3]
    Smite V
    [1](Has Power III)
    Frost Walker II [2]
    Bane of Arthropods V [2] (One has Fire Protection III)
    Depth Strider III [2]
    Fortune III [1]
    Efficiency V [1]
    Power IV [1] (Has Protection III)
    Flame [1]
    Knockback II [3] (One has Efficiency IV and Protection III)

    Books are 2 diamonds apiece

    Message me in game or on the forums if you would like to buy some books
    IGN: DressedToDepress
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