*Selling* Awesome plainswarp claim - pressing Admin Borders!

Discussion in 'Selling' started by DjrQ, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Hello friends!

    Some time ago, I bought a claim at Plains Warp from Nick for a couple of stacks of DB, hoping to make it into a fancy pancy shop one day. Now that's i'm busy with my master thesis for uni, I find myself to busy too develop the claim properly. So... I'm selling it! Let me show you the claim first!
    1.jpg When you take the Plains Warp, you're facing the claim directly. It's between the large signs. It's the ideal location for a quick 'go-to' shop.

    2.jpg On the claim is a place which leads to a spawner...

    10.jpg ... which spawns skelly horses atm! Did somebody say "spooky time!"?

    3.jpg The claim itself is divided into multiple smaller claims. It comes with a free neighbor called 'Toby'. Friendly fellow. Mostly keeps to himself. Can be noisy from time to time.

    5.jpg 4.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg The claims are:
    154 b²
    120 b²
    180 b²
    456 b²
    957 b²
    234 b²
    for a total of
    2101 b²

    So, more than 2k of blocks to build on as you please.

    9.jpg The place you end up at if you take the Plains Warp is marked red. As you can see, the plot offers a great view on Nick's Shopping mall :)

    So, without further ado:

    Since auctioning stuff is the new hype, I'll be auctioning this fantastic claim. Bidding starts at 100 DB, with a minimum increment of 5DB per offer. The auction will end at Spookyday, Wednesday 31st of October at 20:00 / 8PM WET (-2 for UTC, -6 for EST), and when no offer has been made for 24hrs after the last offer.

    Good luck have fun :)
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  2. Very tempting but since it's an auction I will wait until later. Also there seems to be an unclaimed bit within the area where people can break blocks.
  3. Correct, 4 blocks. I will redo the claims when I'm on. So its 2105, not 2101 blocks! Hooray, free bonus blocks!
  4. I agree with Drawable... This is tempting so I'll keep my eye on it and wait until, or near, the end to place a bid. ;]
  5. Kermit

    Kermit Veteran

    I bid 100 db!!!
  6. No you don't, peculiar amphibian :p Keep your 100 dirt blocks. Use them for your swamp
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  7. Good luck DJ. Also take note there are large opportunities to expand, most notably Max's claim at the back and to the left (ie the multi coloured building). ;)
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  8. I was waiting to make a bid....
  9. Ok. I'll keep it open then :)
  10. Ill bid 100 Diamond Blocks.

    Oh and if Kermit's bid was legit then 105db.
  11. I think Kermit was joking, so 100 it is :D
  12. Congratz TheDrawable! The claims are all yours :D!
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  13. Thanks! I don't see you on that often so we will need to work out a time to trade the claim. I'm on quite often so hopefully it won't be an issue.

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