Selling Access to Quad Cow Grinder

Discussion in 'Selling' started by DjrQ, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. Hi there fellow Safe Survivalist,

    Im selling access to a quad cow grinder near Desert Spawn. It has easy access to the slaughterbank; you can keep both the cow loot, as the xp. When standing in front of the plateau, you can get around a doublechest worth of both leather and steak per hour. The price for lifelong, unlimited butchering is 10 DB.

    There's a nice enderchest, craftingtable, and 3 more spanwers in the nearby facinity that will be yours to plunder once they get developed (within a week or two). I even take suggestions on what eggs to drop in em :)

    Message DjrQ ingame or send me a message on the forums!

    (Pics will be following soon!)
  2. Panda

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    Great farm! Highly recommended :)
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  3. Interested in buying pls message me Underwrought
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  4. Thanks!
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  5. 2018-05-03_15.44.52.png 2018-05-03_15.43.56.png 2018-05-03_15.44.57.png 2018-05-03_15.43.49.png 2018-05-03_15.45.26.png
  6. 2018-05-04_09.22.43.png 2018-05-04_09.22.54.png
    Added an extra spawner - any suggestions for what spawnegg to drop in there?

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