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Discussion in 'Buying' started by SquareAngle, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. I am currently building a collection of all the existing heads on the server. If you have any for sale, please refer to the list below to see if you have any I need, along with the respective prices that I am willing to pay for them.

    Sought after
    - T-rex skull, which is obtained via headhunt; 64 DB’s for it.

    - All heads within the 2018 Christmas Pack, aside for the snow globe head; 48DB’s per.

    - Easter slime head (in the image below, it’s the last one from left to right), which was released as part of the 2019 Easter pack; 48DB’s for it.

    Contact details
    IGN: SquareAngle
    Discord: SquareAngle#6841

    Thank you.
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  2. Updated to include the 2018 Christmas Pack and the 2019 Easter Pack. Should be the final ones I require.
  3. I retract my previous statement; the thread has yet again been updated in order to accommodate for the newest release of exclusive heads. More specifically, I’m willing to pay 32 diamond blocks for every August 2020 build competition head that is shown to me, given that I don’t own it already.
  4. I’ve managed to acquire all of the August 2020 build competition heads and as such, the thread’s been updated accordingly. I’ve also raised the price for every other head that I’m still looking for by 16DB’s.

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