Secret Santa Griefing

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Necroxin, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. Necroxin

    Necroxin Moderator Moderator

    It has come to the attention of the mods that a few people have stolen/griefed the Secret Santa event. Since it's the season of giving, we're giving until Dec 23rd 10pm EST for the said people to come clean without punishment. If they don't, punishment will be given as seen fit as well as a possible ban from all future events. If you're wishing to come clean, please pm a mod either in-game, or on the forums. The event room will also be closed until further notice.
  2. Whatever's been stolen I can help replace. just tell me what needs replacing.
  3. ik my gift from my santa was in my chest, i was waiting to take it out until christmas. Think there was a beacon, ghast tear and notch apple if i remember correctly.
  4. Tamoch

    Tamoch Veteran

    First, I had done the donation wrong by putting it in the chest with my name, lol. But I corrected it yesterday by moving the stuff I put there to the chest of my secret santa. I hope I didn't mess something up by not knowing what to do. And yes it was nearly a full chest of stuff, except 1 slot. So I hope it is still there and has not been griefed. I hope it is ok, because after tomorrow I probably wont log in to minecraft due to being on vacation.
  5. Timbo303

    Timbo303 Villager

    what the heck?? just why would they grief??? That helps no one :(
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  6. Ikith

    Ikith Moderator Moderator

    I want to make something very clear about this, we already know WHO took things, we have a list of names, however, we are giving said players a chance to turn items over.

    If you decide to turn items over you get off scot-free, no repercussions nothing further.

    If you decide that you want to keep said items, there will be repercussions, said items that were taken WILL be recovered and you WILL be punished.

    I just want to make the above 100% clear.
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  7. BlingCake

    BlingCake Villager

    So either turn yourself in and just be looked down for stealing gifts and nothing else or not turn in stolen gifts, be punished, have the items taken away and be looked down on.... Hopefly the people realize which is the better option.
  8. I do know that someone was in the event area last night, and was being rude when I and a few others were trying to do the boat maze thing. He would knock you out of the boat as soon as you started the corse, so I just left because I did not see a mod on at that time.
  9. I'm honestly sick of people like this. Its just so sad that they're ruining fun for others.
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  10. Ikith

    Ikith Moderator Moderator

    Actually not even that, if one of the people that has stolen gifts contacts a moderator through PM either here or on the server and gives the items back we won't out them to the public, as I said: "you get off scot-free, nothing further happens". :)
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  11. This is sad. Can't even do fun things like this and others have to try to ruin it :(
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  12. Maras

    Maras Villager

    I don't think that they should be let off lightly, it's unfair to think that people spend so much time on planning and putting so much effort into a gift that would just be stolen, I think that the secret santa should have been more like last time ; grief proof xx
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  13. DarknuT

    DarknuT Villager

    I am afraid of deposit my present now, It is sad to see this happening in the server, seems like the community it was before, is no longer coming back :(. And speaking of presents, now that the entrance is closed, how can we deposit our gifts?
  14. Ikith

    Ikith Moderator Moderator

    The secret santa chest issue should be corrected at the moment, for those who have not turned over stolen items they are being punished and banned from future events. :)
  15. I didn't get my gifts
  16. Maras

    Maras Villager

    Same I've had no reply from the event organisers to really my secret santa got 2 gifts while I got none it's quite unfair to think that we worked so hard in hope to be gifted with similar gift standards that we gave to our secret santas but it's sad to think that we got nothing in return evidently this happened to more than one person .

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