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  1. Enelis

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    Hey everyone! I am very excited to announce that it is time for Secret Santa!!! :D

    Those who are interested should know the following details:
    • To begin signing up, players must write the following information in a signed book (books provided at the spawn Christmas tree (where the fountain was)):
      • Player IGN (your username)
      • Vote Rank (This can be determined by looking at /vote total and /ranks (or /ranks 2).)
      • Items you would like to receive for Christmas (Please be reasonable and open-minded. We suggest listing multiple gift ideas to ensure your satisfaction. :D)
    • To give us your signed book, simply drop it off at the hopper at the spawn Christmas tree (where the fountain was)! The sign-up period starts now (November 30th) and ends on December 6th at 11:59 PM EST (gotta make sure that ain't confusing, lol).
    • We will be taking one day off before the Secret Santa Warp opens! You will be able to receive your designated person's wish list between December 8th (12:01 AM EST) and December 14th (11:59 PM EST). You will want to find the chest with your IGN on it, and your designated person's book will be inside.
    • Once you've read your designated person's wish list, you will want to place their gifts into their designated chest! The time period for gift-giving is December 16th (12:01 AM EST) to December 23rd at 11:59 PM EST.
    • Secret Santa Warp's little elves- *cough* staff *cough* will be taking up Christmas Eve to prepare, and then it'll be Christmas! Everyone will be able to open their own chests and receive their gifts. Yay! Gift pickup will begin on Christmas Day, December 25th (12:01 AM EST), and will remain open until the end of the year! AH! O-o (calm down, Enny, it's only the end of November, you've got time... ;-; )
    For questions or issues, please post to this thread! Thanks!

    One final note! I would like to recognize a few of our awesome staff team members for their dedication to this project!

    Rougar! ^-^
    (For quite literally the entire Secret Santa Warp build! <3)

    SkyFlower! ^-^
    (For quite literally all of the complicated on-server stuff for this event! <3)

    Shaz! ^-^
    (This wouldn't be possible without Shaz, come on ;P <3)

    Happy Holidays everyone!!!
    ~ Enelis

    November 30th EST: Registration Begins
    December 6th @ 11:59 PM EST: Registration Closes
    December 8th EST: Wish List Obtaining Begins
    December 14th @ 11:59 PM EST: Wish List Obtaining Ends
    December 16th EST: Gift Giving Begins
    December 23rd @ 11:59 PM EST: Gift Giving Ends
    December 25th EST: Gift Opening Begins
    December 31st @ 11:59 PM EST: Gift Opening Ends
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  2. _Hikoo_

    _Hikoo_ Veteran

    Seems so fun cant wait, Good luck everyone <3
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  3. Sounds fun! I like the change from it being more player run to it being a proper event
    can't wait!
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  4. Enelis

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    We are discussing those sorts of issues. We do have a section for Fossil, so those who were granted fossil will most likely be added there; however, I have not gotten a proper response from mods about it. We'll take it case by case for now, but if you want to submit a book now instead of waiting, I'd suggest that you input both your current vote total and that you were granted a fossil rank promotion. Thanks 2019!
  5. FrayK47

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    Sounds like fun, thanks staff!
  6. Enelis

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    2019, here's the official follow-up to your question: Those who have been promised Fossil promotions may put "Fossil" as their rank and they will be grouped as such.

    If anyone who was promised a Fossil promotion already signed up as Legend, please PM me on Discord (or message me here, but Discord is more reliable). Thanks!
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