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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by 2019, Jul 7, 2019.

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  1. If you haven't played Destiny 2, there is a character called Xur who is a merchant that hides somewhere on the map each week for players to find.

    I thought it would be cool idea for event staff to hide the current Secret Billy somewhere hidden in spawn each month for players to find. Secret Billy would have new trades and sell 1 head and 1 rare item, it could be something special or just a fun creative item.

    I believe this is a good idea since spawn is very big place with so many places to explore and hide stuff. With the Easter Head Hunt, players enjoyed looking for the heads and helping players look for them too. So I believe Secret Billy would engage the SS Community.

    Easter Headhunt also showed the creativeness where Secret Billy could be hidden, It could be hidden inside a waterfall or a secret door could be activated by requiring players to stand on a pad at a certain point of day.

    I thought this idea would be good since it would not be difficult to setup and would impact most of the players on SS. I already told event staff about this idea and would love to see if anyone if interested with this at all, thanks.
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  2. Durpy

    Durpy Veteran

    I like the idea, I think it could be a really cool thing to be added, and not tell players when the new billy has been moved so people are trying to find it constantly!
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  3. RunE

    RunE Moderator Moderator

    I like this too. Small stuff like this makes it interesting. And as 2019 said, the trades doesn't have to be any OP items, but could just be variants of the current weird trades.
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  4. ToastyNick

    ToastyNick Villager

    I really like this idea! It would spice up the game a bit and give us day to day players something to look forward to and those players who generally play once a month a reason to become more active again
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  5. JRB215

    JRB215 Veteran

    I love the idea of the Billy moving around every week. When I played Destiny, Xur would be in like 4 main places and it would be easy to find him. Hopefully if this is instituted, the Billy would be harder to find.

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