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    Hi Everyone,

    Earlier today we updated the server with some new entity limits. I apologize for the lack of communication, this post is for clearing up why these limits were implemented and how they are changing.

    The limits that were implemented were too small to be fair to all players, and we've significantly increased them. Our intention is for them to not be noticed by the large majority of players. We only want to stop large redstone builds / sorters / etc from going out of control. But I still want players to be able to freely build their shops and normal redstone without harsh limits.

    We are asking players to please stay within our rules when building redstone, rule 4:
    • Areas that are creating significant lag and are affecting FPS due to entities/redstone/mobs must be modified or completely removed.

    If your build has many entities and large unnecessary/excessive redstone, it will have to be removed or modified to fit within our rules. As for the limits, they are much higher now and we are looking for players input on how it effects them. And your suggestions, please feel free to comment below.
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  2. Yeah, can I assume that builds that are causing lag (even if they're otherwise strictly within the rules) are being flagged and tagged, and their owners being notified of the issue and required remediation actions?

    Also, can I ask what the actual limits are, with respect to chests, hoppers, pistons, items frames, and the like?
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  3. what about storage systems
  4. Amrou Kithkin

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    Stakar you need to be a little more specific please. What type of storage system are you asking about?
  5. I have been unable to make any more work on my shops because of the new hopper limits. I just want to chime in that the current limits DO severely hamper shop work.
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  6. Just incase anyone is wondering
    This was from my forum post
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  7. Since chests are 300 can we get a raise on hoppers? Item filters for storage systems will run you at 4 hoppers per item, even 5 for double chest storage.

    Typically you will have 2 items per slice for storage systems. This means 8 hoppers per slice which will only get you 5 "slices" of items to sort vs 16 in one chunk. This plugin is a big toll on malls although I believe it is just the hoppers being the issue.
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    To give my two cents on this matter, hoppers in and of themselves don’t create the lag. It’s them searching constantly for blocks that do. When left uncovered (i.e no block that’s isn’t a chest/ barrel or hopper placed above it), the hopper is constantly looking for items it can pull down even with no chest above it. The block placed above the hopper fixes this a bit as it stops the hopper from checking above it and forces it to only give/ take from the container it’s facing into, thus reducing a lot of the lag from hopper chains and just uncovered hoppers in general. While this does tend to only fix the lag if hopper chains and not hoppers used in auto sorters, I think it still could make a significant difference if you implemented a rule stating that if you wish to have a hopper chain in your build, that you place blocks on top to reduce lag as it is a simple thing to do and it can be just about any block and therefore super cheap (I.e you can use dirt). As many have stated, by limiting the amount of these key components in the Redstone builds, it does incentivize is to create larger builds that include more Redstone and likely make it just almost as, if not just as, laggy as before. Especially since minecarts are actually more lag causing then hoppers.

    This is by no means a complete fix to the problem but by perhaps including the clause where any uncovered hoppers not needing to be uncovered for the design to work, could allow a raise in the number of hoppers in a build while reducing lag at the same time.

    Something else the community can do together is to come up with less lag inducing shops and other common Redstone builds on the server. Shops that perhaps less conventional methods of Redstone in order to use less lag inducing components in it. After all minecraft is a game of adventuring and exploring, but above all creativity. We constantly find new ways to build or use things so we can find new, creative solutions to the lag problem. After all it should be both the players and the moderators that help to try to reduce lag. We are still ironing out the balance of what limits we should have on each Redstone component and such to reduce lag, something we all are frustrated by. As such we should take this time to explore new ways to do redstone and move items and such with the new limits so that hopefully we can have less lag overall and it’s better for everyone.

    (Sorry that got a little preachy at the end but the point still stands I think)
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  9. Facts. I'm not playing till the hopper issue is fixed/final decision made.
  10. next time can staff ask the community first before adding a rule like this
  11. also just saw this

    i meant my 2000 chest storage system that im going to tear down anyway
  12. I'm afraid this is the death knell for me. Sometime over the year end holiday, I will be tearing down my shop and post office, and go find another server somewhere. I'm sorry it's come to this. I've been on this server for over 4 years and have (generally) enjoyed my time here and the projects I've worked on, but I've too much invested in my current builds to alter them this radically.

    You can all look forward to one heck of a drop party later.
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