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  1. Just think of it like starting a new single player world. It’s a whole new bucket of opportunity! Thanks shaz I believe after the recent problems the final reset is a blessing. You have made the right choice!
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  2. I will be back making some roads again. My plans for roads going forward:
    1. Revive Kirbyville (might be 1 month to build it)
    2. My roads will be made of smooth stone slabs (inspired by M53's road set) and other material if needed however will need to start with just grass paths for now.
    3. Will just build northward again. I can think of something if claims get too whacked at spawn.
    4. Kirbyville will have a dedicated Bypass around town and a local route through town.
    5. Road to Kirbyville will be 3 blocks wide and have wayside points at some spots.
  3. What exactly does this mean? "vote counts will be set based on ranks" As someone who was very close to getting Fossil I would hate to have lose any of my votes let alone have to start back at the number you have when you first become Legendary (there is a whole LOT of votes needed to get from there to Fossil) and I know I am not alone in this.
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  4. Alsandair

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    I, for one, am thankful for this reset. However the only thing I want to know is around when we expect this reset to occur?

    Thank you for your time,
  5. I worked so hard these past 2 months on an epic bamboo farm and bought so many claims this is a fat RIP at least i get all my donation items and build comp items i sold
  6. Well, big lmao I guess. Maybe I'll come back to the server since I'll have all my epic rewards that I gave away a while ago. Will be the third reset I've seen here, since I've been here for like >4 years, since the very first owner. Tbh probably will be kind of fun to get to start a new game, and not have a super cluttered and laggy world as has been the case for the past year or so if this current save. Sucks that all our builds and stuff are wiped, especially so for those who've grinded out rare items and built a bunch of really cool stuff, even more so considering the issue described as the cause for this reset was the same as the reason for the prior reset. Maybe a reset will breathe new life into the server, maybe it will make it more dead, idk, see you guys soon in a new world
  7. I would like to point out that I am currently 16 votes shy of fossil, and have been stuck in this holding pattern for days now since the voting plugin first malfunctioned and was then disabled, so I would have achieved this rank by now. Have to start over at the beginning of my current rank is extremely unfair, as it took me years to get here.
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  8. Enmos

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    "Voting ranks & rewards will be restored, and vote counts will be set based on the ranks. Claim blocks and daily voter bonuses will be given back based on voter rank as well."
  9. So sad :( I've spent so much time on good warp claims, my museum and building everything :( When's the deadline for reclaiming ranks?
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  10. And we'll lose the Kydog mapart :'(
  11. This is very upsetting I was at like 490-500 votes, and my rank is 360 thats over a month of voting being removed :(
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    I hope not a lot of people quit. I've heard a lot of people say that if the server ever reset again that they would quit and I really hope that they just said it. It sucks to see another reset but it needed to be done. At least we had our memories.
  13. It is worst the higher rank you have- people like me who are about to hit Fossil can be losing something like 9 Months worth of votes
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  14. What it everybody gets 1 rank above their current vote rank
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  15. Inflinity that is an ingenious idea. I hope the mods see that post
  16. So idk if this will work but im writing for myself, Snake1030, and Fauthl13. Us sneks have a double chest of shulkers with stuff in them and then fauthl has 5 shulkers
    The cords are 3468 74 3698
    Thank u
  17. Everyone right now:

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  18. I am/was literally days away from Fossil. So I completely agree.
  20. Kermit

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    yah yeet bout time xoxo

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