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    This post will continue to be used for the reset news.

    We still do not have a specific time, but the server will be reopened either Saturday or Sunday this week.

    Voting ranks & rewards will be restored, and vote counts will be set based on the ranks. Claim blocks and daily voter bonuses will be given back based on voter rank as well.

    Build competition rewards will be given back as well. Spleef rewards will be given back as well.

    Donators will be able to reclaim their past donator items as well.

    Sorry for the sudden restart, but it's our best option. It's been 2 years since a restart and although not all players want this, it will help with a lot. Safe Survival will keep to the same gameplay experience as we always have, and we hope to remain your favorite survival server.

    The world downloader mod will be allowed until the restart. The autoban has been turned off.
    The server will be open until ~9:30 - 10 PM EST 10/20/19

    Donator Ranks / Items that can be reclaimed:
    Gold Pack
    Custom Rank
    All 2018 and 2019 seasonal packages
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  2. Could we not keep an enderchest of items or something along those lines? Would definitely lessen the pain of a reset!
  3. I agree with thomas, ide like to take a few items to the next server. Ive worked hard for my items and dont want to loose them all :c
  4. Could you allow use of World Downloader so we can take a copy of our builds?
    EDIT: Assuming the world file itself is still intact, could you let people download the entire world? If you're unwilling to host it, I would be happy to host the file myself to let people download it.
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  5. This really needs to be done.
  6. How unfortunate, but overdue. Hope to see you all next map if I am around!
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  7. Tau434

    Tau434 Veteran

    I knew this would happen eventually - it's the reality of any kind of online game where nothing is ever permanent.

    The possibility of a reset hasn't been one I have supported, mainly because I love seeing all the progress and work that has been built over the last two years. But at the same time, I think back to the days of when I was a new player and realize that a lot of the best memories I've had on this server was when the world was fresh in my eyes and everything was a new opportunity to be explored.

    To everyone who is upset over the reset: I feel your frustration. Nobody wants to lose their work and progress, least of all me. But I would encourage you to see this not as the end, but a new beginning. Safe Survival isn't defined by a world or server, but a community. We have one of the best communities I've ever played on in multiplayer Minecraft, and you guys are probably the only reason I still play this game. I'm 26 in grad school and by all rights I should be doing something better with my free time lol.

    SS doesn't end here. Soon there will be a new world full of new opportunities, new players, and new builds to be worked on. While it will never be the same as the last one, it will also be a totally different and unique place for new memories to be made. And, at the end of the day, memories - not items/heads/diamonds/builds - are the things that last with us permanently.

    Hope to see you after the reset!

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  8. There's lots of things to say about this but I'm really disappointed

    I understand some people are wanting a reset and I understand that, I love that the economy on the server will be fresh again for a year. One thing I've learned playing this server is DB is not really important once you've got a stack and is not something I don't care about losing. But for those players like Drawable and others that have rare unique items that they've collected through grinding throughout the year and sometimes paying is now gone and that's something other players won't understand. I probably will not be returning to the server if I don't get my spleef bow and swift paw back.

    Also all warp claims are gone

    Another thing is there was no backup again this time, shaz has let everyone down and we thought they would learn from there past mistake but they didn't. This could happen again in the future for 1.15 or 1.16 who knows
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  9. I demand a schematic of my city.
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  10. Jaffasaurus

    Jaffasaurus Purple Dinosaur Moderator

    Can we claim premium/zombie rank back too?
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  11. Will all the map arts be gone too?
  12. I would assume so since bacon is on the list
  13. I think you'll be able to reclaim every rank that is on the store right now if you bought mythical by buying each rank individually as you went up.

    The big question is whether mythicals will be able to reclaim their monthly packages.
  14. I feel lile the mapart i made with Kydog is a pretty unique one, so maybe that could be a nice homage to him of that was brought back as a memorial of sorts. To me that is one of the most important items. Also Tau is giving off some major Asgard vibes and im all behind that view of the wonderful Safe Survival community
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  15. This is a very disappointing development! Please could we have the world download if possible.

    Thanks for everything you are doing shaz to sort out the situation!
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  16. LPO232

    LPO232 Guest

    Could we get more of an explanation for how this happened? I don't understand how all backups of the server became unusable during this process. Why couldn't a previous backup be used?
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  17. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    I'm not 100% sure of what happened, but what it looked like last night is some sort of hardware failure, the server was crashing every 30 minutes causing a rollback each time, player data was also not being written out properly on log off and crash so any actions a player did pertaining to their inventory would be rolled back which contributes to the fact that items cannot be brought over (logically, as well as the fact that items were never allowed on other resets), I'm not sure how this contributes to the backups, there should always be one offsite/offserver backup every once in a while (that usually is at the discretion of the person running the server/making the backup policy but a decent practice is monthly which is what is done where I work) it seems this was never incoporporated in to the backup procedures for one reason or another.

    I feel the backup policy on a server like this should really have some good practices put in to place, sure it might cost money but with donations it shouldn't be an issue. I'm also curious if the host offers backup solutions as well.

    (The above information is what I gathered based on what I was told by a few players and read from discord)
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  18. The sad thing is, dead ram sometimes still works a little bit like its still detected. It really sucks that a lot of time and effort was lost. Why didn’t we just get a second drive for backup? Even i would have been wiling to literally donate or buy a drive to help.
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  19. LPO232

    LPO232 Guest

    Thanks. I wasn't aware of all the events leading up to the failure. Regardless, not only should an offsite backup have been kept, but we were led to believe that after the last reset proper practices were being used.
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  20. this will be the second restart that ive seen on SS. i made many builds that i love, gotten many things i dont want to lose, and made many friends along the way. I say "Bring It", its not the end of the virtual world, its just another chapter. :D
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