Safe Survival Redstone Rules

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    Redstone and Technical Rules

    Redstone General
    All Redstone contraptions must not significantly contribute to server lag, client fps lag, and must be reasonable in size. Redstone machines cannot be fully automatic, running on a clock or running endlessly somehow. If your redstone machines are too large, or are causing performance troubles from the server, they must be modified or removed completely. Please keep rule 4 in mind when building large redstone machines.

    Entities & Limits
    • Animals / Active Mobs are limited to a max of 30 per chunk, Safe Survival's Farm Limiter will prevent too many from spawning if they're close to the limit.
    • Hoppers are limited to 70 per chunk and 300 in any 3x3 chunk region.
    • Chest Minecarts, and Minecarts are limited to 15 per chunk. Whereas hopper minecarts are limited to 20 per chunk.
    • Pistons are limited to 40 per chunk.
    • Sticky Pistons are limited to 40 per chunk.
    • Item frames are limited to 60 per chunk.
    • Paintings are limited to 40 per chunk.
    • Armor stands are limited to 40 per chunk.
    • Observers are limited to 40 per chunk.

    Remember that a chunk is 16x16 wide and 256 blocks high. To see the chunk borders, use F3+G on your keyboard.

    Redstone shops
    • Must be disabled when out of stock
    • Should be stocked properly, so that each dropper is ejecting the same amount of items.
    • Should have owner/contact information displayed.

    Flying Machines
    • Must be default turned OFF.
    • Does not work over claim borders (including subclaim borders)

    Casinos & Gambling Machines
    • Must be inspected and approved by staff before allowed. Once approved, you may not change ANYTHING or the approval will be revoked and you will face punishment.
    • When asking staff for an inspection, make sure that the machine is completely finished.
    • When inspecting your machine, you will be asked to explain its functionality and also how you calculated the winning odds presented.
    • All machines must have CLEAR instructions, including the winning odds for each prize.
    • All machines must automatically be turned off if ANY of the advertised prizes are no longer available.

    Farms, General
    • Auto Farms are not allowed.
    • Must be activated by a player for a single harvest cycle per activation. (cannot be continuously running)
    • Must always have a default state of OFF.
    • If it is a mob farm, mobs must either be prevented from spawning at all, or immediately killed by lava, including all drops.
    Iron Farms
    • Iron farms are limited to one per person or community.
    • Max 4 villager modules
    • Must have a default state of OFF (preventing golems to spawn)

    • Hoppers are one of the worst contributors to lag for a server.
    • When possible we encourage you to cover the hopper with a solid block, as this will help reduce the lag the hopper creates.
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