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    Hi Everyone,

    Safe Survival will be reopening tomorrow Sunday at 5PM EST

    The random warp will be disabled for the first few hours, but there will be 4 warp locations available right away. The End and The nether will not have warps until Monday at 6PM EST.

    Please note we will likely reset the nether for 1.16 since there are so many changes for it!

    The world border will be set at 10k, the nether 5k, and the end 3k. Due to performance issues with 1.14.4 we expect a lot of lag during the opening and will have to limit the server to 50 players, and possibly less depending on how well that works.

    Everyone will start with 1000 claim blocks. Instead of earning 100 claim blocks every hour online, you will now earn 350 temporarily.

    The donator and voter reclaim will not be available immediately. They will open tomorrow. The voter reclaim will only be available until 11/10/19. Because of the way the reclaim works, daily rewards will have to be disabled during this period.

    Donator reclaims

    Galaxy through Mythical is now available, the rest will be avalable at a later time since we used to use another service to give those rewards. I will be posting a thread for if you purchased the same rank more than once, since the auto reclaim only allows 1 at a time.

    Voter reclaims

    We plan to open the voter reclaims tomorrow night on 10/30/19. Sorry for the delay, we are working on some technical issues.

    We will announce when we plan to return build competition and spleef items as well.

    More information will be posted here!
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  2. Why did my grandma have to be born tomorrow didnt her parents know that this is when yhe server was re opening
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  3. Are we using the world border plugin we have used before or the vanilla world border?

    Also, I am considering switching my account. Would it be possible to get everything transferred at some point?
  4. Sadly, it reopens while I am at work, but I get off two hours later! Can't wait
  5. Blah

    Blah Veteran

    Yay! For spleef items, is it spleef items we've won, or spleef items we had?
  6. blie4

    blie4 Villager

    I just found out about the restart now... Is there any way for me and my friends to somehow be able to download our base? I know it's past the world download point but we spent months on it and it would be a real bummer to have it gone forever :(
  7. _Hikoo_

    _Hikoo_ Veteran

    We can get spleef items back with Proof
  8. While I'm excited for the opportunity to return to the server, this is incredibly disappointing in the sense that my Market Index is now completely useless. :/
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  9. _Hikoo_

    _Hikoo_ Veteran

    How about the ppl who got 1000 Fish kills???
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  10. Can't wait! :D
  11. Blah

    Blah Veteran

    Also, will I have my claimblocks?
  12. You'll get your voting claimblocks back eventually, but not your claimblocks from play.
  13. I don't think opening the warps straight away will be a good idea. Mainly because of the lack of claim blocks we will have and the suggested lag.
  14. Eh it worked out fine last time. Only 4 will be open then more will open in the coming weeks. It just makes it so everyone has a fair shot at a warp claim.
  15. I take from how RTP is disabled and how you are expecting lag you are not pre-generating the world. Is there a reason for this?
  16. I actually think this gives people less of a shot at getting one. I mean if they were all opened at once instead of just 4 it would spread people out more making it easier to get a warp claim as people go to different ones. Releasing them a couple at a time will make it much more crowded regardless of when it is done. Not to mention the issues I brought up in my first comment.
  17. The world has been pre-genned

    We can not open them all up at once because the server is only open to 50 people at release. Also not everyone can join today at this time. By spreading out the warp releases everyone has more of a shot of getting a warp claim except for only the people joining directly at server opening.
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  18. How do we go about reclaiming our donator/voter items? Do we just tell a mod what ranks we had?
  19. I had multiple of galaxy, neb, epic, and aqua idk about mythical. I also had ranks under Tomhollanddaddy(now Blerkz)
  20. Wrong forum post.

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