Safe Survival Plans for 1.18! (Reset Planned)

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Shazepe, Jan 8, 2022.

  1. doubex1

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    Those other resets were purely accidental, this on the other hand has been thought through and in its early planning stages.
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  2. Like doub said, early planning stages, so reset is estimated within 2 months or so, but this is an estimate that was told by staff.
  3. Also i'd take to take a moment and say thank you to staff who's working on this process.
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  4. i just became Fossil after nearly 2 years of voting. If vote ranks were reset i would just find another server to play on
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  5. its about time haven't reset in a while, i can see alot of new players freakin out rn lol
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  6. Amma

    Amma Villager

    I disagree. The idea that past voting doesn't help in the now is skin deep. Those votes brought awareness of the server up and brought in new members and new donations.

    The votes prior to March 2020 ranked Safe Survival high enough that it came up when I searched for semi-vanilla servers. That brought me and donations equal to Dragon rank to the server as well as votes just shy of Legend x2 as my brother and I both joined. That's over 2,500 votes AND $100+ cash donations as results of those old votes. (This skips over the less intense vote totals of our 3 children who have all joined and voted.)

    The impact may be less and/or less obvious, but it's not nothing.
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  7. Amma

    Amma Villager

    I don't like the idea that we just have to accept a reset every so often and all the old is washed away.

    That said, we play and *evolving* game. And things crash sometimes beyond ability to restore. Between new blocks, new mobs, and new biomes, sometimes it is simply not possible to just add to the map without cheating players of the full game experience.

    I'm not excited for the reset but I understand it needs to happen. Ideally, we'd see some compassion for those of us who aren't the start-over type and like to keep our stuff but also understanding that the staff have to make the decision that is best for the success and future of the server.

    Edit: Was trying to reply both to Doub and the person Doub was replying to together. Apparently that's not a thing.
  8. Will claim blocks be transferrrable? In other words, I do /abandon all claims and then the blocks are available in the new world?
  9. Yeah, I know the past resets were a genuine accident and no one was at fault, but I don't think it's too difficult to keep a few backups on different storage locations. You can get a 2TB HDD from Amazon for around £50 ($70) and a backup could be stored on there. With the amount of money the server has made over the years it shouldn't be a problem.

    Again, I'm not complaining about this and not trying to cause any drama.
    I understand that backups have failed, and yes that happens from time to time but rarely, depending on how many backups you have.
    I also understand that some resets were caused by other reasons like hardware failure which in that case the server can't be restored.
    The main reason I'm saying this is just in case something in 1.18 goes wrong, or to hopefully prevent any further unplanned resets.
  10. I imagine all claim blocks gained from play time will not be transferred over, but any from vote/donor ranks would be.
    Don't take my word for it, though.
  11. doubex1

    doubex1 Moderator Moderator

    No abandoning all claims in this world will not transfer your claimblock amount over. Last reset the only thing that actively transferred over was vote and donator ranks. While many aspects are still up in the air, claimblocks gained through playtime will likely not be kept and must be earned again.
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  12. I would like to propose an idea for vote ranks.
    Reset all vote ranks to 0, but give people a reward for what they have achieved so far. A reward that is a collectable perhaps?

    Land claims near spawn:
    They are so valuable that just having a race to get there first seems a bit odd and even arbitrary. Perhaps the admins could claim a bunch of plots near spawn and then sell them to players for DB or give them as rewards or whatever. It could also make for a more organized layout near spawn, which could be nice.

    People who want the free-for-all experience of the race can claim other valuable plots such as villages and or land adjacent to warp areas.

    I am really looking forward to the reset, quite an opportunity!
  13. nekkid

    nekkid Event Staff Event Staff

    You're missing my point, I also said the following "I came to the harsh reality; is that what you did in the past, be it donation but mostly the voting side of things (and although high appreciated), has less to no impact in the now." With the focus on "has less to no impact in the now". That post is me worrying about the current state, the now, the present day of affairs and not the past. Voting websites don't filter by total numbers, it filters by recent amounts of votes. So that's why i said: "has less to no impact in the now". Of course me and anyone would agree with you that the time where there were loads of voting going on it brought tremendous awareness to the server.
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  14. Yeah, the list sites don't care about all-time total votes but if they were reset I have a feeling it'd stop a lot of people from voting if it'll get wiped again anyway.
  15. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    Honestly if you don't care about past voters and donators and their contributions to the server, you don't care about your server and its player base, and at that point why even run a server?

    Your voters past or present, matter, without their support in the past, Safe would not exist, and resetting votes based on "your votes don't matter to us now because the vote total doesn't influence our visibility" is a slap in the face.

    Same goes for donators, past or present they matter, without their support in the past, Safe would not exist, and saying their contribution doesn't matter because the money has already been spent is again a slap in the face.

    Why even vote or donate to support the server if the owner (and staff depending on their contribution to deciding if votes move over) is going to treat the player base like their past contributions don't matter. I guess it’s a good way to kill a server though, show the player base that they aren't appreciated so they won't contribute and support the server and leave.

    Nekkid how would you feel if I told you everything you've done in the past for the server, doesn't matter anymore? Your contributions will be gone because we're resetting so all the events you created and helped create, it doesn't matter? How would you feel if the player base treated you like that?

    "Ah well he may have created or helped create something last reset, but that doesn't matter, and we don't acknowledge that because that was last reset, so as far as we're concerned, he's done nothing for the server, because only current contributions matter."
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  16. nekkid

    nekkid Event Staff Event Staff

    Again my point is being missed. What i'm explaining is my personal CONCERN, concern about current numbers, I'm not speaking for the staff, I'm speaking for myself. This isn't me throwing shade to the past like you suggest i am, this is me asking the hard question that needs to be asked and trying to problem solve. And solving a problem at its core needs thorough understanding what the root problems are. I'm asking the question; what can we do to increase our current situation.I hope you can see that I'm not giving any kind of suggestion in my post what so ever at this stage that would deny any past contributions to what makes Safe survival the server that was and is. I'm not suggesting to reset votes, I'm not suggesting to take away all your rewards, I'm not suggesting anything.

    Of course I know the tremendous amount of effort, contribution and donation people have given to the server and without all that there wouldn't be a Safe Survival like you said. I was there Ikith. I've been there when there were 100-120 people at peak time, I've been here for 5-6 years I think?. So I'm not sure why people are suggesting that i don't care at all? Look.. as a profession the large majority of my time i research user behavior with the purpose of finding solutions to problems. And that requires to ask the hard questions and test assumptions.

    Now i apologize for my directness, it's part of my Dutch heritage I guess, but I hope I conveyed my intend enough now that i'm not denying any past contributions what so ever. If anyone still believes so send me message on discord and i'll happily jump on call with you.
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  17. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    Here is the thing Nekkid, I have gone back and reread your posts and I can fully understand why myself and others have missed your point, its because on the surface it comes off as “the past doesn’t mean a thing.” When you’re trying to establish that yes, with the current system the past DOESN’T mean a thing and let’s fix that.

    Which upon rereading your initial post in combination of your current post makes sense.

    Is that what you're going for here? Because if so I get it now and I'm dumb.
  18. nekkid

    nekkid Event Staff Event Staff

    Yes, that is what I was going for. And don't feel dumb, I fully understand that with stuff like this emotions are involved and often times emotion types faster than a calm mind. Maybe I'm not the best in typing out my thoughts correctly straight away.

    What I'm doing is simply taking a step back and look at the whole picture now that we have the opportunity with a map reset to think about what we're doing currently, what the effects are, if it's working or not and what the best course of action is moving forward. That involves listening to problems, observing player behavior, looking at data and only then can you start coming up with a good solution. In my line of work it's often said: "Don't give users what they want, give them what they need."
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  19. This suggestion and others like it, personally, completely misses the mark. It is not the monetary value of my vote rank that I am concerned about losing. Its not that I want my rewards for what I can sell them for (never sold a one, even the ones I personally don't use) or how much they are worth for in game function. I personally don't pvp, or pve if I can avoid it, I don't buy or (currently) sell on the server. I am a builder and collector of resources, that the part of the game I enjoy, if I have resources that someone needs I quite frequently just give it to people cause I don't care about diamonds or rare items that the resource could be traded for. I am fine with losing my current collection of resourced, claim blocks and builds, that is all part of a reset.

    What bothers me about not carrying over the vote ranks/rewards is that it says that the time (weather short, you're a Regular, or long, you're a King) that you put into the server does not matter. It says that the Fossil (or Fossil+ in my case) who has put it years of their time, contributing to the server weather in small or large ways is the same as a Steve who never bothered to vote, played for 5 mins then left and was never heard from again. The players, the loyal players who come back over and over, who have voted over and over are what make the server. Yeah some come on every day (this use to be me) and some come on once a week, or month but the fact they keep coming back, keep hanging out, keep interacting with other players, help guide the newbies, remind people of the rules, fill their shops, take part in silly shenanigans at spawn and yes keep voting is what keeps the server running, keep it alive, keep it a place that people want to play.

    Yes I get the need to overhaul the voting system, I even suggested add in a new rank for those of us past (well past in my case) Fossil, but that does not mean you have to erase what is already in place to do so. My vote total matters to me, I have no more rank rewards to look forward to and the daily rewards, honestly, mean little to a long time player like me, but the Total Number means something. It shows me how long I have been here, how active I have been, even with resources, claim blocks, rare items and build being gone from resets I still have that number showing my history on the server. And I have the rank next to my name show to everyone my history on the server, there is a reason I keep my vote rank on display for all to see rather than my donor rank - because it means more. You can have played on the server for an hour and be Mythical, if you are willing to pay for it, the same can not be said for the vote ranks. Keeping the donor ranks while killing vote ranks/totals literally, in my opinion, is saying that all the matters is money. The donor ranks have been changed in the past, more than once I believe, but funny enough the has never made it so that you didn't have the rank/rewards anymore even if its no longer available.

    I know that the past resets have been due to technical issues and that is why things like vote total have not been carried over in the past, there was no way to tell how many people had, etc. But since this is a planed reset with more than enough time to collect that player information this should not really be a thing that is up for discussion. I am fine if things are done like the last reset where everyone started off at 0, have the same number of claim blocks, etc. so that everyone has the same opportunity to get claims and resources to start and then, like a week or so after start making it so that people can claim their vote and donor ranks/rewards back. That seemed like a fair and logical thing to do. But letting players have their donor rank/rewards and not the vote rank/rewards is wrong, rolling people down the last vote rank achieved is wrong. You can not scorched earth one rank/reward system while keeping the other, if you keep one you have to keep both and if you get rid of one you must get rid of both (though I don't really think that is the right thing to do either but at least it would be fair and equal).

    Keep in mind this is just my personal opinion on the matter but I feel safe in saying I am more than likely not alone in how I feel. This is also coming from a long time player, for what that is worth, who has both high donor ranks and vote ranks and is currently sitting at 3814 votes and yes I am still currently voting daily despite the up coming reset and despite being told that my votes/vote rank may soon be taken from me. I am still doing it cause it matters to me and I hope that the right choice will be made on this matter and I will in fact get to keep adding to my ever growing number and get to keep playing on a server that cares about its players.
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  20. lolbenz

    lolbenz Veteran

    We get like 3-4 steves while i play every day (~3-4 hours), on a "older" Version with a pretty much filled world.
    Many of them leave early after failing to find the rtp button, but often they stay a few days and see that almost everywhere, at every warp at least theres giant parts claimed and almost never anywhere to make your own mark close by anymore.

    The description on the voting site is: "walk 200 Blocks from spawn and start building." I believe that with a reset and the new version the playercount will become higher naturally, be that from more newbies that find a way to make something nice close to warps, maybe their own little shop or something or from a few returning players that waited for a reset for some time now.
    I dont know what percentage of players right now vote regularily, but i dont think that will change drastically. Only a constant influx of new people can solve that imo.
    The voting rewards are definitely worth it to vote every day rn and the small amount of fossils might be, as suggested, be easier to get to vote again with another following rank.
    My suggestion:
    The votepoints and voteshop are pretty hard to find and a bit useless imo. Maybe make rubies into some sort of vote reward, decorational Heads are always in high demand and i think that would get many people to vote, as well as create a natural limit for the amount distributed to make em a bit more collectable ;)
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