Safe Survival is looking for new staff members

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    As the title reads, Safe Survival is looking for new staff members to cover specific times of the day that have recently seen a lack of staff members online.

    We are specifically looking for people from any of the following timezones:
    UTC - 3 to UTC - 11
    UTC +8 to UTC +12

    Therefore we encourage everyone who lives in any of those timezones & is curious about joining the staff team to write a new application. Even if you have previously applied, please do it again so we can see that you are still interested.
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  2. Just out of curiosity: are you searching for people active in a specific time span during the day/night? Cause you're mentioning timezones (thank you for using UTC!) but not a time span. There could be people who are active pretty late in the night or during the mornings. I'm in UTC-5 but when I log in in the mornings I usually see plenty of mods on.
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  3. Samicans

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    I'm UTC + 10:30, would that be close enough?
  4. Pbglasius

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    Yeah that is a fair point. We are trying to find someone available at what we would call "peak NA hours". To keep it consistent, that would be 00:00 - 05:00 am UTC. It is obviously not a requirement to fill those hours every day :)
  5. im more then game to work my way up that ladder can be on in most times... but doubt i could since i wrecked my card id assume lol
  6. UTC is Britain time right? that would be 2am my time, im usually on that late and can easily adjust.
  7. UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, it's not a set time zone. Looking at your staff app you are UTC -5
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  8. Central US is UTC-5 during "daylight savings time" and UTC-6 otherwise, so 0:00 - 5:00 UTC would be be 7:00 PM to midnight, or 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM.
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  9. OOoo that makes it even better!! sorry i looked up utc and i may of read the wrong thing, thank you for clarifying, the schedule times for the mod openings def my time im on the the most

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