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    Hi everyone,

    As you've noticed, there is a lot of lag in 1.14.4 making it tough to play. A lot of this is due to world generation. So we've decided to shut the server down to pre-generate the worlds.

    (2:54 PM EST 10/3) Update: All of the worlds are finished generating and the server has re-opened.
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  2. Wish it was done a bit later at night, but happy to see this finally being done!
  3. Generating new chunks is definitely a main cause for lag, and It will help alot with the lag going across the server since the tps is still pretty low being at 3-8. Not only that but even loading chunks is still going to cause a lot of lag when there is going to be a lot of stuff being generated. Since Sunday there is a definite change in the amount of lag going about the server. The only true way to help it go away is just to not have a ton of 1.14 chunks loaded at the same time. I would highly, highly, recommend the anti lag plugin that you can find on spigot here. It unloads chunks regularly, and removes ground items which actually has a bigger effect than you think. Not only that but it changes how it works on the server depending on the tps. This plugin reads the server side tps not the client read tps packet kind. As for this is a temporary option and it possibly could disable pistons, or observers and it should lower the red stone length to also prevent lag machines (it gets the the better designs that I can think of to lag the server). Should overall help quite a bit and Lag machines are not necessarily an issue here so just the basic chunk unloading after 10 seconds should help. The staff reloading the chunks should really help and since they are still loaded it is going to eat ram, so not only could this plugin help the tps from the way that it loads and unloads chunks, but it can also help clear more ram to get rid of lag spikes which are also apparent on the server.

    I would provide a mediafire link for the files of my own but you wouldn't trust that since It could be griefing plugin lol.
    Best wishes ~MagicMan.
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  4. Ikith

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    The plugin you posted hasn't been updated since 2015 is compiled for JRE 7 and there are reviews saying they have various issues when using it (as well as it deleting item frames with no way to turn that "feature" off which would be bad as people use item frames to store special limited items)... I wouldn't trust this plugin at all, there must be a better one out there even clearlagg has the option to manage which entities you want it to clear (including item frames) and which you don't want it to clear.

    Also Minecraft these days as far as I know and tested does a good job at unloading chunks unlike the days where ClearLagg was in its prime, ground item drop clearing is also handled through spigot and minecraft these days with a 5 minute timer to clear ground items on a per ground item basis.
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  5. I have done some basic testing with it on 1.14.4, I haven't had any problems with it deleting item frames at all. I just find chunk loading does seem to be the problem here with a lot of them in the render distance and many loaded with all of the different entitys is the main issue with my testing. I could make an attempt at my own plugin, but am still a decent beginner at coding with javascript, and java in all in all. Another suggestion is there are ways that you can compile a certain paper server to have it use all of the available threads with the cpu. The only downside that I can find from that is how there is a different tps with all of the different threads and it can cause a few issues when players join into the same "region". This is an ongoing project with multiple regular updates weekly. I understand if you don't really want these things on the server but with 1.14 there really can be no choice at during this time. This is why 1.12.2 servers are just using compatibility plugins for 1.14 and 1.13.

    I believe there is a recent config update to that clear lag plugin as I have used it very recently with no problems at all. Runs great on 512mb of ram and 1.12.2 spigot.
    There is no config for the entitys but there is really no issue with the latest java being an issue with it.
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  6. Ikith

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    Do you understand that an overloaded server is going to have issues with other operations (even if they aren't the causing the server to be overloaded)?
    If chunk generation is overloading the server, everything else including chunk load times, entity tracking, etc are going to suffer and installation of a plugin that tries to reduce lag isn't going to resolve the issue, in fact said plugin might even make it worse.

    On another note the plugin you posted again hasn't been updated since 2015 so there has been no "recent configuration change" see here:
    Version Release Date
    2.0 Jun 10, 2015

    The problem with not having configurable entities is one wrong move by the plugin developer and schaum and staff have to recover thousands of items for people over months and months. Plugins generally don't put information in to block logging plugins unless they are built to do so like worldedit (and most aren't) so there is no rollback and even if there is, its a crapshoot if the items NBT tags (enchants, names, lore etc) get restored.

    I'm not saying we need a plugin like anti lag or clearlagg but, Clearlagg is a better option considering clearlagg has been updated this year and offers a plethora of settings including exemption of certain entities:

    Clearlagg Last Release:
    Last Released File
    Jun 12, 2019

    Multithreading parts of the Minecraft server have been in the works for a while but as far as I can find its either not possible or hasn't been done yet.

    I know parts of paper are multi threaded like world saving but outside of that I'm unsure of what else is multithreaded but I know for sure the core server is not and cannot be compiled as such yet.

    As I said, I believe these days Minecraft is pretty good at unloading chunks that aren't being used so adding a clear lag plugin is pretty pointless and will probably cause more harm.
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  7. You should note that clearing ground items would break some farms which transport items through water streams instead of massive laggy hopper chains...
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  8. M1135

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    Bless you Shaz <3 I can't wait for lag free safe survival see you than
  9. P0VA

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    If a new plugin was made specifically for safe it would be cool, but I guess if you install it, you would need a backup file, at least two of the server. I'm not a tech nerd but I'm missing these discussions, what will happen with future updates with minecraft, will there be an eventual limit to how far you can expand the boarders? What will you do when you have new updates that break the old game mechanics, almost like with the villagers. idk but I hope things will be okay

    BIG_CLARKY Villager

    So It looks like 1.14 did break at least a few things.
  11. BladeWave

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    It's not so much that things are broken, it's more of just getting everything loaded in so the server runs more smooth. Unfortunately it's very much easier said than done....
  12. Ahh, I can see now why its a bad idea. I want to make the excuse that I just wasn't thinking clearly, and I did have a lot of things going on in the day. I apologize.

    I am actually in a developing discord server where they have successfully created a paper/bungeecord server that uses multithreading. Compiling it is very beyond me unless I have detailed instructions or have a walk though of how it can be done. I really hope I'm not being an annoyance at all, really I just want to help. I can provide a link for the discord server which has instructions on how to compile it and how to debug if something bad happens or something goes wrong.
  13. Enmos

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    What is the news on the lag issue? Ive heard that you guys managed to load about half the new chunks. But there is still lag and it seems even worse.
    Are the new chunks even the issue? Or is it just 1.14 that is super laggy? In that case wouldnt it make the lag worse the more chunks are loaded? idek
  14. The lag is from 1.14 chunks being loaded for the first time.
  15. Blah

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    Oh no, there goes my chance of making a remake of the Matrix using the lag as a way to do the "Matrix time."

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