Safe Survival Donator Extra Reclaims Thread

Discussion in 'Reports' started by Shazepe, Mar 8, 2022.

  1. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    If you have already reclaimed the max of 1 of a certain pack/rank but are owed more than one of it, please post what you are owed here.

    Make sure you have already claimed 1 from the store before posting here.
    Reclaim here:

    I will try to get to these in as much of a timely manner as I can.
  2. Oliver79

    Oliver79 Villager

    IGN: Oliver_79
    Previous IGN:Oliver79_04

    I'm missing:
    1 Dragon
    1 or 2 Phoenix
    2 or 3 Griffin
    2 or 3 Galaxy
    6 Gold Packs

    Manual check -
    Valentines 2021 pack - 1 owed
    Griffin - 2 owed
    Galaxy - 1 owed
    Gold Pack - 5 owed

    I could not find any further dragon or phoenix ranks owed. Pls pm me on the forums or discord to see your full history

    I'm also missing 1 of the limited time packs but I can't remember which one (possibly Valentines Day Pack but I'm not sure)

    thank you!
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  3. I reclaimed as much as I can from the store but I am still missing the following as they are either duplicates or not on the store:

    • 1x Guardian Rank (I would preferably like this one displayed) - not in store. Transaction ID 91A43293M23919038
    • 1x Christmas pack 2017 and (next one)
    • 1x Christmas Decoration Pack 2017 - not in store for reclaims, I forgot these existed until I found the receipt. ID 0DH95873T2608934G
    • 0-1x Galaxy Rank - I possibly may have been given a second Galaxy but I'm not sure. The one I bought myself came through the store.
    • 5+x Gold pack - I have at least 5 extras. There may be more, please check. Four of them are under the ID 9WY579496K108890V, one was gifted to me. The other one went through the store.
    • 2x Easter 2019 pack - I was gifted two of these and the first one did not come through on the store so I still need both.
    • 1x Summer BBQ 2020 pack - I only need one because the other came through on the store. Both were gifted to me.
    • 0-1x Spooky Rank - I thought I had this but it's not showing up. Could you please double check that I don't have it?

    As per Shaz's request I am putting the items that I did not get through the reclaims I already received here. They are below. These items are listed on each rank on the donation site.

    • 5th Anniversary pack - did not get Slapping stick, Party Bow, Safe Survival Limited Edition T-Shirt, and 3x Party Potion.
    • Zombie Rank - did not get the 3 music discs.
    • Aqua Rank - did not get 3x nametags.
    • Nebula Rank - did not get the Guardian and Squid head.
    Reminder to self - fix missing items listed here
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  4. wilmo

    wilmo Villager

    I am missing the following ranks,
    - 1 Epic (restored)

    - 1 premium
    -1 builder
    - 1 zombie

    - 1 summer bbq pack 2020
    - 5 year anniversary pack

    - 1 Aqua

    Pls Claim thru the store:
    - 1 Nebula

    ign is wilmos
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  5. ign: pythonmcgee
    previous ign if it helps: Pythuwun

    I still have these packs to reclaim:
    2 Gold packs
    1 Galaxy

    edit: Could I also get my Dragon rank displayed again after the galaxy reclaim if that's possible?
    Thanks a bunch!
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  6. Amrou Kithkin

    Amrou Kithkin The Dread Pirate

    TheSno0py is missing some of her packs. If you remember she messed up buying some of hers and you had to help her fix it. She had bought one of every rank but only got 4 replaced.

    For me Amrou_Kithkin now defunct due to Microsoft and my new account is _Amrou_.
  7. I'm missing the majority of my ranks.. I can't seem to find the list I had made last reset and I didn't buy any of them myself so I don't have the receipt. I believe I only got one or two extra gold packs this reset so it should be mostly unchanged. I got one copy of the ones I bought from the store :)
  8. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    Looked yours up, I owe you 1 gold pack, 1 bacon, 1 galaxy, and 2 MVP - (which will be added to the store at another time). I will add what I can to your inv now. If you haven't reclaimed yet pls reclaim:
    5 Year Anniversary Pack
    Gold Pack
  9. i redeemed the one before dragon and never got my stuff
  10. Hi Shaz

    Current IGN: KillerSofa
    Previous IGN Of Purchase: Bartdan87

    I can't reclaim my Epic Rank also the following multi packages:

    6 x Zombie

    Cannot be returned - sorry for the inconvenience.
    1 x Food Pack 1
    1x Easter 2018
    Thanksgiving Pack 2017
    Christmas Pack 2017
    Christmas Decoration Pack 2017

    I have e-mail of all purchases if required. Thank you very much :)
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  11. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    As in you received nothing at all? From Griffin?
  12. yes i think my inventory was to full or something, i know i have the rank bc dragon has that discount
  13. Hey Shaz, are you still giving back Guardian and MVP? If so I still need 2 Guardians and 1 MVP please and thank you!
  14. Hakrem

    Hakrem Villager

    Only ranks i know I'm missing for sure is galaxy and Griffin
    Edit, my ign is Hakrem
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  15. astroboy27

    astroboy27 Villager

    It has been a long time since I have been active again. Is there also a way to update the voting rank as well?

    Add them to ( Astroboy27 )
    Gold Pack
    Nether Pack
    Winter Pack 2021
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  16. My GT is MaverickHD, I am missing the following:

    Guardian Rank
  17. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    Please reclaim that one automatically from the store.