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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Panda, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Panda

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    I have decided to start a clan that is only for us SS homies. The clan name is "Safe Survival!" We currently have 17 members in the clan, ranging from th3 all the way to th10. The clan is for anyone who plays on Safe Survival. We will do wars once a week. (on the weekends) Players will be promoted to Elder or Co-leader by the amount of troop donations. 100 will get you Elder, and 300 will earn you Co-Leader. These reset every month! When you apply, please say what your MC IGN is. Please to talk to neonpanda52 in game for more information. A list of the current players is listed below.

    Player List - Clash of Clans IGNs
    neonpanda52 - Panda
    Doctor_Positive - The Doctor
    CarloTheKing - jayden
    Orangy - Quinn
    SkyFlower - Unknown
    xKuifje - SchaapXL
    Danbraa - Danbraa
    drakonslayer03 - Sir. Drakon
    Jimscott7 - Saphira4109
    Kazuniro - gozzo1
    Riverdog1000 - mac
    Zaimatcat - Kaiwind
    Zaimatcat's Alt - Forever Failer
    RoyPlayz - You
    Pixel.exe - ClashCrasher
    _foof - swagdoodle
    Cool_Dude_Fab13 - Cool_Dude_Fab11

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  2. wish i could join but can't get clash of clans on kindle fire :/
  3. Panda

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    Sorry man. If you ever get a device that supports CoC, We'd love to have you!
  4. Eh ya know, might as well. My account got wiped so it's now really low (I used to have lv 1 pekkas) but oh well might as well join for the funs.
  5. Panda

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    we're glad to have you!
  6. I discovered this thread almost a month later :p
    If you're still looking, and this is still on, I'm in... as soon as I find my phone.

    If you're wondering:

    IGN: Clashcrasher
    Town hall Level: 9
    Builder hall level: 4
    Level: uhhh, 78?
  7. Panda

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    That sounds great! You would help us out a ton! We're always looking for more members. I hope you find your phone by the way!
  8. hey yo, can i join. Ive been up to alot lately and i just saw this so will it be ok if i join? My name is the same as this one
  9. Panda

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    We’re glad to have anyone!
  10. I would join if my clan wasn't so needy of me

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