Safe Survival Christmas Spawn!

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  1. Looks perfect to me
  2. Here's my take on the new spawn:

    With the new build comes a desire to explore and find all the new, wonderful additions to the biggest hangout location in our server. New Billy shops, a (presumably) relocated Secret Billy, an open-to-all clubhouse/DP location and more are fun to discover and in my opinion, refreshing.
    The new layout takes a couple of visits to get used to, but it still feels fairly straightforward. While some servers have massive, sprawling builds that are impossible to navigate, I consider the new spawn to be a perfect "medium" build. Bigger than last, but hard to get truly lost within.

    The Warp Room
    Located directly left of spawn. It contains all but the RTP button, and each warp is grouped in a manner that I find intuitive. The classic 4 warps are still the first buttons presented in the hall, thus still easy to access. The "wood" warps (Birch, Mega Taiga, Roofed Forest, etc.) are grouped together, as well as the "unusual biomes" (Flower Forest, Island, Mushroom) and the "Miscellaneous" (Nether & End, Mob Farm, Comfy Fishing, Temp). The only drawback I can see with the warp room/hall is that because it opens out to a couple other distinct areas, new players may find themselves wandering right past the warp they're looking for and wind up in Dunkin' Donuts! ;)

    Player Head Shops
    Two (soon three?) new shops are available just past the warp room; these are Dunkin' Donuts and Shaz's Diner (as well as a temporarily boarded-off decor shop). Starbucks has been relocated to just beyond the larger building to the right of spawn, and has two new heads. To my count, there are 13 new player heads currently available. The majority of these new heads are food items, which seem to be in demand with many players, and thus I would predict are bound to be incredibly popular. These new shops are fun and interactive, and have more room to showcase the familiar faces of our staff team. They add a cozy, 'towny' feel to spawn.

    The Big Building
    This refers to the building just right of spawn, which houses the community chests, the workshop, the trade Billies, the clubhouse, the trade rooms, the XP exchange, and a sprawling information center. I will address each of these amenities individually.

    Community Chests & Workshop
    This design feels more compact than the old one, and as such has a lot less negative/empty space. Personally, I think it is cozy, not crowded. I did notice that only 2/3 anvil spaces replenish with the button, but to me this is a minor cosmetic detail.

    Trade Billies
    There are two new billies in this area which feels much more like an open-air marketplace than a convenience store. The Nether Billy provides a well-balanced renewable source of gilded blackstone as well as other uncommon Nether commodities; the Junk Billy offers reasonable junk trades as well as an easy way to procure uncommon tree saplings with the more common ones.

    The Clubhouse
    A purely fun area of spawn located above the Billy Market. It has a hot tub, an entertainment center, and most importantly: a balcony designated for drop parties! It is not necessary to use an elytra to access this area; the button which warps players upstairs is plainly visible. I find this area to be a major plus to spawn.

    Trade Rooms & XP Exchange
    I consider this to be "B1" of the Big Building. To the left are XP exchanging rooms which will undoubtedly be usable soon; to the right are 4 trade rooms rather than 3. The trade rooms keep the simple, intuitive design that they had before.

    Information Center
    If the trade rooms occupy "B1", then this floor would be "B2", at the bottom of the stairs. The information center is a boon to new players as well as veteran players who might need a refresher on, well... anything! Though not obviously stated, players may right-click any of the signs down here to receive information directly in their chat window. I believe it works when a player's chat is set to commands only as well. The information available includes:
    - an exhaustive list of the current staff team and their heads
    - the classic 'land claiming' tutorial box
    - Frequently Asked Questions
    - Individual voter rank information
    - Individual donor rank information
    Personally, I feel like this particular floor is a perfect remodel. This floor is free of decorative clutter, and has minimal distracting designs., perfect for a new player.

    The Community Farm
    Plots in the new community farm (located to the right of the Big Building) are longer and wider, providing for a larger initial crop for new players as well as more individual resources to share. I like that each of the crops are labelled; I feel as though this may be a big help to inexperienced (or rusty) players looking for a certain crop.

    The Memorial Garden
    Located opposite the community farm, the memorial garden has a beautiful, serene feel to it. Grass fields sprawl with flowers and vegetation, and a wandering natural path connects to a small gazebo with a marble statue inside, honoring the names of late Safe Survival players. I think that this is a beautiful, well-executed, and touching tribute.

    The RTP Button
    I just have one thing to say. Thank you, staff, for the intentional, obvious placement of the RTP button. Gone are the days of new players leaving in a cranky huff because they couldn't use /wild; the instructions to use RTP are simple. Walk straight ahead from spawn, full stop. :)

    Simply put, I enjoy the new spawn. The amount of care and attention that went into this build is immediately apparent. The color palette is a refreshing break from the endless marble of the old spawn build (no offense, marble lovers!) and a wonderful use of all the new blocks offered by the 1.16 update. When a new player joins Safe Survival, they will see the attention to detail and the brand-new block palette, and the amenities tailored to a newbie's experience will make them feel right at home.

    Edited to Add:
    The new water features and the variegated custom trees feel like a professional-level build. I also love the great blue zeppelin which houses the new Elytra Boost location. Overall, very impressive, and I look forward to exploring the non-wintry version of this build! :D
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  3. I'll keep this short.

    I really like the new spawn, it's pretty fire and without the Christmas theme on it, it'll look better (nothing against the holidays, it's just distracting). As others have said the RTP button right in front is super useful.

    The only con I have is, I dislike how cramped the warps room is, on past spawns I can remember it's felt a bit more spacious to me. However I'm not sure how this could be changed with the space provided.

    Other than that, like I said, I really like it. You all did a amazing job!
  4. Miruku

    Miruku Villager

    Lord of Time is on the mark w/ this one. I actually enjoyed the spawns appearance. The team definitely killed this one. I like it, found myself lost, but still found everything-ish. I feel like I just want to explore the whole thing but I'd rather just get in and get out rather than loiter.

    On that note, if it was re-designed, I'd probably hang around there more often like the previous spawn prior to Xmas.

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