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  1. Shazepe

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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the sudden downtime, we wanted to surprise everyone and test out our new spawn design for Christmas! This is temporary right now, but it could become permanent. Staff worked really hard on this, and it has a great Christmas design to it, while keeping the feel of Safe Survival.

    It's larger than usual, but you will still be able to find everything you need. Please give us your feedback, we plan to keep it up for at least one week.
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  2. TimelordofLegend

    TimelordofLegend Moderator Moderator

    The new spawn looks great! Feels more open and tbh has a better overall look than old spawn. While there is beauty in simplicity, this new spawn is fantastic even if it didn't have the Christmas deco. I also love the inclusions of more billys too as well as the open market feel of them. The warp room looks great too however I think we should re add coordinates to the signs on them. The rtp button being moved right in front of where new players spawn is a great change as well that will help get players started faster.
  3. Blah

    Blah Event Staff Event Staff

    I love the spawn, and think it should be permanent. I especially like the staff members who helped make it, those are some talented fellows.
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  4. I love the new spawn. It has nice, simplistic layout. Its well made (thank you staff team, you rock.) with good block choice, and it has a better vibe than the last spawn. My favorite part is the memorial garden, its beautifully made, and fits in very well. My only dislike of this new spawn is how overwhelming it feels with the holiday decorations. It feels very crowded with the snow, candy canes, etc. Ofc I know that is temporary stuff, I feel its worth mentioning incase this spawn becomes permanent and is decorated for future holidays. Other that, I love the new spawn, and hope it becomes permanent.
  5. Overall, I think the new spawn is nice. I think the overall color scheme is a bit too dark, and I think the "Welcome to Safe Survival" floaty text should be visible as soon as you arrive instead of being an unreadable blob of text halfway down a path, but the one thing that really, really, really grinds my gears is double-height grass. And the new Spawn is practically covered with that stuff. Anywhere that grass is, an absurdly high amount of it is double height. And it's deeply, deeply annoying and I hate it.

    But other than that, I'm interested in seeing what the non-winterHoliday version of this Spawn layout will look like.
  6. Amrou Kithkin

    Amrou Kithkin The Dread Pirate

    I love it, it has a homey village like feel to it. TheSno0py says she also likes it and hopes it will stay.
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  7. doubex1

    doubex1 Moderator Moderator

    Some points of my own as part of the builder team, Personally I do like this spawn for its overall design and thought put into it from past spawns. About the darker color scheme, we wanted to use the new block variants that are pretty rarely used. We made it in mind that it would be darker so we added lighter blocks like quartz, and greens to offset the dark colors. The floaty text is just an issue when we pasted it in, and will be fixed very soon. You can see the non holiday version pinned in memes and pictures on the discord.
    So yes I want to keep it
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  8. A few initial thoughts on the new spawn:

    Pros: -Love that some of the new blocks have been used giving a nice up to date feel
    -Addition of new Billys is great (Nether one especially)
    -The memorial garden is a great addition (the last one felt like after thought)

    Cons: -Feels very cramped oddly even though it is bigger (I am hoping this is due to the seasonal decor)
    -The MANY trap door that were used in the design are forever going to be messed with making things look derped and drive people like me more than a little nuts
    -Why, for the love of all things good, can we not get some dang cactus in the community farm again - I beg you we had it before and its not like there isn't enough room at spawn to accommodate
    -There is still/once again a water level issue in the SW corner of spawn claim where it meets up with player claims (the spawn water is a level lower than the rest of the water-been driving me nuts since the last spawn change)
    -This spawn is missing once again a nice central open place for players to gather/goof around in. This was an issue with some of the pervious designs and a feel part of the reason players liked the 1.12 design

    All in all I think its worth trying to see if the flow of it works for the current community with a few tweaks it would be ok with that said though it is hard to really tell with the season stuff in place (the snow vomit is more than a little over welling) it makes it a little hard to see the forest for the trees.

    Oh I also do agree with the comment on the grass, there is in general a little too much of decor adding to the cramped feel but a slight paring back of things like grass, flowers, 'bushes', and 'railings' would fix that.

    I will reserve my finally judgment on the spawn until I see it minus the x-mas spam.
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  9. I love the way this design looks. I hope it stays after this week but it is super cool. I love the added things and the memorial.
  10. Mist

    Mist Villager

    The new spawn is a definite step up from the previous spawn. I feel the new spawn is better tailored for the number of people who play on the server, and the openness makes the areas easily obtainable for everyone. I also feel that the new design is more refined than the other which makes a better first impression on people joining for the first time. The shops and diner add an extra element of fun, too.
  11. doubex1

    doubex1 Moderator Moderator

    You can view the x-mas less spawn in memes and pictures, its pinned there. As for the cactus at the farm, we can add it back and definitely are open to it, and any other suggestions. The reason the water level is different is because it is the same surrounding terrain from last spawn, to make it easily connect with the surrounding claims. I will fix that on our master copy of the spawn.
    Our intent for the community area was the big circular area where the Christmas tree currently is, and will be used to announce future events or use for fun builds. When building it we wanted much of spawn to flow, so we made it all one level for players who just want to run straight from spawn. We created community areas like the Starbucks which is more central to spawn as well as the diner and other shops in that plaza area, as a community area. Obviously the mod team are players too and love the community. We wanted to break away from the mold that 1.12 spawn had formed and re-shape it, into a way that represent the community all together. We had noticed that many of the players who voted for the 1.12 spawn to come back, don't even play anymore. That spawn didn't represent the server, and its players many creative sides. I had also seen many complaints about the spawn in chat in the past, from being in voice call, and when it was re-released.
    Obviously I take great pride in this spawn lol ^ as you can read, this is in no way a targeted message to anyone. I am simply portraying what many of the players and myself felt about that spawn, as well as our thought process in making it. I know my message can come off as wanting to create drama by responding to comments in a suggestions post, but I just want to clear up some concerns so it doesn't have to be repeated multiple times, and this was the easiest way. Thankyou for your suggestions Boo and we will revise them.
  12. I have looked at the photos but looking at the picture of a build can't really let you know what it will feel like once you are in it, so as I said I will reserve my final opinion on the new spawn till after the x-mas stuff is removed. But thanks for taking my thoughts into account, I appreciate that this is open for discussion and not just 'Here's the new spawn, deal with it'. I get that our community is changing and we must change with it but taking feed back from the long term players is also always important and it makes me happy to see that happening. :)
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  13. To the people who build the new spawn Great job!

    Personally i was a big fan of the old spawn design because when i joined safe 1 of the reason i desided to give it a shot was the simple spawn(I'm sorry but i wasnt a fan of the 1.13 spawn) Never was a fan of massive builds that where not practical because most of those where always cluttered with detailing (which im not a fan of) Overall i like the spawn, Only i must agree with the complaints other people made: a bit dark, lacks an Open area to hangout in etc

    But i have very little to say in what happends to spawn, but i see no problem in keeping this one.
    Even though the simple spawn design made me give ss a shot, many new players where put off by such design, to each their own i guess.
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  14. I really love the new spawn, and I think the people who built it are extremely creative! I'm glad that spawn has gotten an upgrade now.

    Things that Need Improvement;
    - I find that when players are now saying 'there's no place to hangout or open space', but this I'm sure is just because of the overcrowding of snow, if some snow were removed across the grass patches between the paths, it'd give you plenty of open space, probably more than the old spawn, yet I also believe that the grass is a bit much, and makes it look very small and cramped I suppose. If they could lighten the amount of grass and such in these areas, it'd make spawn much clearer and seem much more open and simplistic.
    - As boo also said, adding cactus to the farm would also be great.
    - Too dark, yes the new 1.16 blocks look amazing! But unfortunately, it makes spawn look very dark and somewhat not as open and such as the old spawn, this could also be because of the new tall buildings which are giving it a more crowded look.
    - Coordinates to be added back to the warps buttons.

    Things in the new spawn we should appreciate;
    - Firstly, the new spawn provides us more varient of build style, and is much more creative.
    - The RTP button is placed in a much more clear and centered spot.
    - Billy's are now much more organised and given a market-like feel.
    - Workshop now looks like a proper workshop.
    - The custom trees makes it more warming and seems more cozy in a way.
    - Trade rooms are larger, and their design is much better.

    Overall though, I honestly really love it and I hope we can have this as a new spawn for Safe Survival. (Yes i've seen the post of spawn without festive decor) I really hope though that some of these things are taken into mind for what could improve, otherwise I really am satisfied and I'm sure many others are with the new spawn! Thank you once again Shaz, and staff who helped complete this! -lem :]
    edit: clickable signs is now also an amazing add to spawn.
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  15. Today I'll be doing what I can to clear up snow along the paths and removing some of the tall grasses. I will also add cords to the warp signs at spawn :) To give an answer to the hangout space we do have the Club Room above the Billy shop for players to hangout in, it is meant for the whole community and not just any particular rank. The region currently just needs work and once it's fixed hopefully it'll be something you guys like.

    If you guys want a more open area, what are you guys looking for exactly? We do have that little garden around DD and the diner that I could alter to make more of a park/ hangout space. Or what are you guys looking for in a hangout space cause I do want to give you guys something you'll enjoy.

    As for the cactus farm I'll talk to the team and see if it something we can add, thank you guys for all your input and we will try our best to make it better!
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  16. jinnie

    jinnie Event Staff Event Staff

    I currently love the new spawn!! I feels like a proper upgrade from the last one with so much more!! my one con is that it feels too crowded,, that's probably because of the holiday decor and not being used to new layout,, other than that it's amazing. probs to staff for getting it done!! i love it i hope it stays!<333
  17. Hmm. Another concern that I've noticed is that the pathways don't align well with the two pathsways/roads that exit Spawn leading northward. They connect, but not anything remotely approaching directly.
  18. I love new spawn! So much better than the last 2 spawns! It's pretty much equal with me at least to the spawn that had the dragon and I lowkey kind of miss the dragon.
  19. The dragon was really cool, yes.
  20. doubex1

    doubex1 Moderator Moderator

    Maybe we can find some way to insert the dragon
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