Safe Survival 5th Anniversary!

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  1. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    Hello everyone,

    I'm proud to say Safe Survival has been open for almost 5 years now! Thank you everyone for making the server so special and being a part of this journey. There will always be good times on Safe Survival and there is no end in sight.

    The official day the server turns 5 is on 4/5/20. The server will be closed before the new spawn is released. And we plan to re-open it at 3PM EST.

    Here's a list of everything we have planned:

    A new spawn! The new spawn will take place of the old spawn and remain in the same location.

    Party items - All players will get 1 set of anniversary items which you can claim through a button at the new spawn. (Please have 5 inventory spaces open)

    Border Expansion - The main world border will be expanded by 2000 blocks

    Drop parties - There will be 2 drop parties. The first drop party will be at 3:30PM EST, and the second will be at 10PM EST
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  2. Sweet. Will the anniversary items be the same ones from the $5 pack? Also, will the drop parties be concurrent or will they happen at different times?
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  3. Hikoo

    Hikoo Cool Guy Moderator

    So cool, what exactly time for Drop partys.
  4. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    Nope, all different items except 1 party potion will be given.
  5. Thank you so much shaz! This is awesome, the server wouldnt be as amazing as it id without all the staff and players
  6. Amiliana

    Amiliana Villager

    Please, what time will the drop parties happen, Because 3pm EST is 5am for me and I can't wake up that early but still wast to take part!
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  7. will the new spawn be in a different place than the current spawn?

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