Safe Survival 1.17.1 Update and World Expansion!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Shazepe, Aug 4, 2021.

  1. Shazepe

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    The server is currently offline to generate The End for the expansion! We will let you know when we're back!

    Sorry for the delay, we had unexpected lag issues and are working to correct them.

    It's time for Safe Survival to update to 1.17.1! We've tested it and everything has worked out well.

    The server will have downtime starting around noon EST or possibly earlier. Make sure to switch your client to 1.17.1 before joining!

    The main world will be expanding by 7.5k blocks, the Nether will be expanded by 5k blocks. One week later on 8/15/21 at 5PM EST, the server will have an end expansion of 5k blocks.
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  2. Kelpy

    Kelpy Veteran

    WOO! More elytras and more stuff
  3. LESSSSS GOOOOO August build comp can still start at a decent time :p
  4. Does this include an expansion of the nether and end?
  5. Kelpy

    Kelpy Veteran

    "...end expansion of 5k blocks..."
  6. Lol I read it wrong oops
  7. Will the overworld reset?
  8. "...the main world will also be expanding by 7.5k blocks..."
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  9. rip server
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  10. Stolkies

    Stolkies Villager

    I don't like this at all because my laptop does not support 1.17.1 :(
  11. romiii

    romiii Villager

    the server will come up today/tomorrow or like last update after a cuple of days? yay more new stuff!
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  12. I can't wait for the server to come back online! Really wanted to play today X_X
  13. lolbenz

    lolbenz Veteran

    It is online

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