Safe Survival 1.16 Update Release

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    Hi everyone,

    We're happy to announce the server will be updating to 1.16.1 on Wednesday at 5PM EST! (7/8/20 5PM EST) The server will likely be down around 12PM - 1PM EST.

    The Nether will be completely reset, please make sure to move any items you want to keep out of the nether. It will be impossible to recover any item lost in the nether reset.

    The new nether world border will be a 10k block radius. All nether claims will be deleted, and you will get your claim blocks back. A random teleport will be provided at the nether spawn.
    A chance to receive ancient debris will be added to the daily vote reward.
    A new nether themed donator package will be added to the store.
    The main world border will be expanded to a 20k radius.
    The server will be capped at 80 during release.
    Elytra will also be disabled in the nether (and end when the expansion releases)

    Next Week:
    The end will be expanded to an 8k radius (on 7/12/20 at 5PM EST)
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  2. Wow that’s a lot of things, netherite in voting rewards? Like the block or ingot?
  3. Jaffasaurus

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    Will just be the ancient debris so 1 netherite scrap.
  4. Will all the new nether mobs be added to the mob farm warp?
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  5. No optifine D:
  6. Will there be new shop options in spawn? I can imagine that the ancient debre (or how it's spelled) is gonna be pretty much gone in no time.

    Thanks for the info anyhow, good luck switching!

  7. _Hikoo_

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    Optifine 1.16.1 pre realase 2, is already out.
  8. What time will it reset in the UK?
  9. About 22:00 / 23:00 (I'm dutch, so 23:00 for me - 1 hour for UK)

    Also, will billy sell netherite stuff etc? I can imagine a lot of the new ore will be gone when I log in the next morning. Can't wait though!
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