Safe Survival 1.16.2 Release 9/1/20

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  1. The nether pack is in the store under the “Limited Time” section and there is also a 25% discount on all ranks
  2. pog 25% discount
  3. Until 09/13/20 11:59 PM
  4. Question. Does the 100 block claim rule apply in the Nether?
    For example, can one player claim an entire nether fortress?
  5. Cosunde

    Cosunde Villager

    To my knowledge, the rule does not apply. So if you wanted to develop around my blaze spawners, go right ahead I guess.
  6. I see nothing in the rules that says it does not apply to the nether. And I believe the staff are aware of this as I've raised it several times.
  7. I was definitely told by a mod last week that the 100-block distance rule does not currently apply in the Nether.
  8. Some kind of confirmation would be useful on this. The word 'currently' indicates that this will change at some point - will claims be removed after that period? This post by Amrou from 2 months ago says that the rule was enforced.

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