Safe Survival 1.14.4 Update

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Shazepe, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Shazepe

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    Hi Everyone,

    We've been testing out 1.14.4 and we're ready to update the main server. Everything is working well and there are many new interesting items and changes.

    The server will be updated and open for players on Sunday 9/22 at 5 PM EST.

    The server will likely be down for a few hours before the update.

    The main world border will be increased by 3000 blocks (21% size increase), and that number may be more before the update. The nether will also be extended by 2k blocks.

    Unfortunately there are a few problems we cannot avoid when updating. Villagers who are not upgraded through trading will reset into generic villagers. We will post more information about 1.14.4 here throughout the week.

    The server is finished updating and is open as of 5PM, we are anticipating a lot of lag due to the world being generated. We've pregenerated a lot of the world, but it's a slow process so we couldn't do it entirely.

    Raids are disabled - we may re-enable them eventually, if we do they will be nerfed.

    Floating item frames that were in 1.13.3 may randomly break when the chunk is loaded. Try to get any valuables back if you can - we're searching to see if there's a fix, but it's likely a 1.14 mechanic done on purpose.
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  2. M1135

    M1135 Veteran

    big brain
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  3. LootaAce

    LootaAce Villager

    It be like that sometimes
  4. Is there going to be a reset?
  5. LootaAce

    LootaAce Villager

    I highly doubt it.
  6. I'm going with no.

  7. _Hikoo_

    _Hikoo_ Veteran

    waited this moment from 1993492042304 years
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  8. FrayK47

    FrayK47 Villager

    Wooot! What an announcement. What are we going to do with all that extra space? So much room for activities!
  9. LPO232

    LPO232 Guest

    The server will not be reseting. We will be expanding the world border instead.

    If you've upgraded your villager through trading, it will not reset to an unemployed villager when we move to 1.14.

  10. rip my iron farm
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  11. Crowfudge

    Crowfudge Villager

    Hot dang
  12. Finally :D
    Everyone remember to stock up on stone slabs and oak signs
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  13. Why oak signs?
  14. And Furnaces in a minecart
  15. doubex1

    doubex1 Moderator Moderator

    There will be no reset. if there ever will be, an announcement will most likely come out 2 months in advance.
  16. doubex1

    doubex1 Moderator Moderator

    Because in 1.14 it requires you to use specific wood types, similarly to fences. So Faq is saying to stock up on signs using any type fo wood now so as not to have to collect a ton of oak. I assume thats what she meant.
  17. yay been waiting lol
  18. Why furnace minecarts? Their crafting recipe is the same in 1.14 is it not?
    yep. Oak isn't the easiest type of wood to collect but I think we all agree that oak signs look better than any other type in most situations.
  19. Rubinator_123

    Rubinator_123 Moderator Moderator

    Lantern and barrel hYPE!
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