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  1. I got banned falsely for XRAY. i was just chilling, and had a lot of luck while strip mining! Please unban me!
  2. And also, my username is my account here's username. This is a ban appeal for KoolKatJake9325.
  3. Eugene H. Krabs

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    Hey there,

    Please follow the format and re-submit for consideration:

    Full In-Game Name:
    Ban Reason (As shown on the ban screen):
    Person Who Banned You:
    Length of Ban:
  4. Name: _KoolKatJake9325
    Reason: 2nd Xray
    Mod: MusicOwner
    Length: ???, prob perm (Bedrock ban screen does not show length)
    Appeal: I did not xray again. I think this is false. I was mining one day, then I got suddenly BANNED. i didn't xray, so i KNEW someone reported me THINKING i didn't have LUCK. Please consider unbanning me as I didn't do anything wrong.
  5. Check above.
  6. MusicOwner

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    Hello there,

    Thank you for appealing and eventually using the correct format.

    As this is your second offence we usually don't have to reply and provide evidence, but i think it is important for you to see why we came to the conclusion to ban you.

    You didn't "suddenly" get banned, we had bin following and gathering evidence on you for months. Nobody reported you, and i think with the evidence I'm about to show you we can all agree that this wasn't "luck"

    Evidence is linked here ->

    1. You can clearly see that you dug down into diamonds and then went on to hop from vein to vein.

    2. this is a continuation of the first picture, the diamonds next to the gravel patch are the same.

    3. You dug straight into the wall of one of your older staircases to discover diamonds hidden behind the wall

    4. this shows what it looked like pior to you digging to the diamonds.

    5. you dug sideways from another older staircase and straight into 2 diamonds veins again.

    6. in that same staircase you went a little further to once again hop from diamond ore to diamond ore.

    7. picture 7 and 8 show 2 diamond veins mined, really quickly after your first offence ban, picture 7 is actually really close to some of your first offence mines.

    8. You dug straight down into those diamonds, these were not in anyway visable from that originally tunnel.

    Your appeal has bin denied as the entire staff team unanimously agreed that this is infact X-ray.

    Bedrock doesn't show the duration but this ban is infact permanent with the option to appeal after 1 year of the ban.
    You were banned on the 2nd off September 2023, you may appeal again on the 2nd of September 2024.
    In that mean time I would suggest getting familair with our rules, you've earned yourself a fair share of warnings, if you wish to appeal after a year we take these things into consideration aswell.


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