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  1. Ryvered

    Ryvered Villager

    In-game name: Ryvered
    Age: 23
    Current Rank: Millionaire / Mythical
    Timezone: US Central
    Time(s) I Usually Play: Evening/late hours (6pm - 1am)
    Past Mod Experience:
    Was moderator/admin for an MC server in the past
    Moderated for non-MC games such as: Garry's Mod

    Before I go further, I want to say what the motive is behind the updated application. I would like to apply to be a full time chat mod as some others have specified before. I see this as the best value of the time that I can provide. Currently, I am a full time engineering student and so I may not have the time dedication that I feel other players may have. I heavily enjoy helping others but I feel this best suits my strengths within the current timeline. To anybody that may be cautious to hire under such role, note that while I may not be able to help with full moderator tasks I can still help and assist on simpler issues such as spam.

    What I like about this server:
    Community -
    Seeing new players come day to day makes this server feel fresh daily. I love meeting new players and welcoming them to a new and welcoming environment. Taking suggestions from the community has helped this server to thrive and keeps players coming back.
    Semi-Vanilla - Personally, I love semi-vanilla Minecraft. I believe it is a perfect balance between the classic game and just enough plugins to keep a standardized and enforced server. I've always looked for a server that could provide grief prevention and fun events while also not being heavily modded. This was the server for me and still is.

    What I dislike about this server:
    Periodic Non-Moderation during Late Hours - One of the main reasons I applied is to help fill gaps in times I see with no moderation. I mainly play during the late American hours. I know it's almost impossible to make sure you have staff on always 24/7, but I feel with the large player base now there is always need for some form of moderation. Many times during these hours, I see little to no staff online. I feel like the times I play can vastly help with that lack of moderation during later hours. This can help to prevent staff getting contacted via Discord or potentially help online staff from being overwhelmed if something were to happen.
    No Chat Moderators -
    Within the server, I assume anybody who previously becomes a moderator starts at: chat moderator, assistant moderator, and moves their way up. I know moderators can specify to be only a chat moderator but I feel like this may prevent opportunities to players that would like to help assist but don't have the time commitment to be a full moderator. I feel like applications for specifically chat mods can help to keep a consistent flow of chat mods and help to take small workloads off of full mods. This may already be a request that some people have made before, but I feel like this may help to influence new players that normally wouldn't apply to apply.

    I appreciate anybody sitting here and reading through my application, whether you are: staff, event staff, or just a regular player.
    Being an old active player from 2015-2017, coming back to this server has been such an enjoyment. I think that the staff are a great group of people trying to support a great server. The server is family-friendly for all ages, supports fun easy gameplay, and is welcoming to all kinds of players. If I could, I would love to a part of that supporting team.
    Other than experience being a moderator, I have numerous leadership experiences and some community service outside of the game. I love helping communities and assisting people where I can.
    To anybody who may question my motivation as a player, I truly want to help the server in any way I can. Especially in these last few months with a larger influx of players, moderation has been needed more and more.
    To any questions that may arise, my door is always open through Discord and in-game private messages.
    My contact information on Discord is: KillerMango#0964

    Thank you for your time.

    -Ryvered (Ryan)

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