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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MusicOwner, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. Hi.
    Lately there have bin allot of New players. and with new players come new friends, but also rule breaker unfortunately.

    Allot of those players read the rules. and think its Oke to use Badlion. or macro auto clickers.
    My suggestion is to specifically add that those are banned in the rules. because when a mod points out that they are not allowed they start to question why, and that its not in the rules

    and also a small little thing about the rtp button. I noticed that most new players tend to go to the right side of spawn and wander off into the distance, and then after a few minutes start to complain that /wild doesn't work. and that all the land is claimed.

    Maybe moving the rtp button to a more central location would fix that.

    just some suggestions.

    -Much love, and stay safe. -MusicOwner
  2. I agree with all of it and another solution for the rtp is Shaz might be able to add a /info command using the customtext feature on Essentials, the problem is the server will have to restart but the server restarts every day at 4am EST so it's not much of a problem
  3. The rules are fairly explicit about banning any type of mod except for optifine. Not sure if you can install a mod without knowing it is a mod, given you have to drag it to the mods/ folder.
  4. Yeah, if you're using the vanilla client (which is also a requirement per the rules) then it's not plausible to "accidentally" install a mod. But if you're using something like badlion, all them mods come built in...
  5. Badlion is in itself a mod which u have to install separate to the minecraft client (it doesn't work if you don't have the minecraft client already installed same as optifine)
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    Yeah the intention of most of the rules from my viewpoint is to not be as specific as possible, and to interpret them as they need to be while maintaining continuity. As they are more wide ranging putting specific examples might lead people to believe those two examples are ban able. This same thing happens when people ask about using optifine or shaders, while it only says those two we still have people asking if they can use recording mods, etc.. As for the extended rules on the forums something might be able to be added there.
  7. I agree. I guess my Suggestion also had to do with my frustration of players and staff constantly having to awnser to the same questions everytime a Newplayer joins
    Some New players are Very understandable and try to follow the rules. Others feel the Need to argue with Players and staff about (what are in my eyes) Clear rules,
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  8. I agree on both counts of readjusting the rules a bit to include more information as well as move the RTP Button to maybe down the steps from spawn's spawn point. It would be easier and more helpful to the new players

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