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    Safe Survival Forum Rules

    1. No Spamming

    The following is considered spam:

    - Posts under 5 words long (Exception: Selling/Buying sections-You may bump your post)
    - Posts that are not relevant to the topic
    - Posts that do not contribute to the conversation in any way
    - Double Posting
    - Posts that are gibberish or not in English
    - Necro-posting (Posting in an old thread where discussions are no longer ongoing)(Exception: Selling/Buying sections-You may bump your post)
    - Creating multiple posts about the same topic

    2. No profanity or NSFW images

    3. Respect other users

    The following is considered disrespectful:

    - Starting arguments or continuing an argument with another user
    - Explicitly harassing or insulting other users
    - Flame-Bating

    4. No Advertising
    The following is considered advertisement

    - Starting a topic for your website, youtube channel, server
    - Continuous discussion of another server
    - Posting any server IP

    *Editing of forum posts pertaining to the Selling/Buying sections of the forums approved by Schaum.

    5. Please keep signature image sizes below 200x600 px and only use one image per signature (Large images will be removed)

    6. Please do not use excessively lengthy text in your signature.

    Ranks and Post Counts:

    Steve - 0
    Villager - 1
    Recruit - 10
    Veteran - 25
    Elite - 75
    VIP - 150
    Master - 300
    King - 500
    Legend - 1000
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  2. Is Glorious no longer a forum rank?
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  3. Tamoch

    Tamoch Veteran

    You are right Kydog, about your question. I am wondering the same thing myself. Being Glorious for so long myself I liked that title the best. I was almost to king, but then the whole server wipe thing, so.
  4. I've been hearing quite a bit about the server wipe. Do these happen at certain intervals in time, or was it for a different reason?
    I'd like to one day reach a nice rank lol
  5. It was a 1 time incident. Server won't wipe again unless a problem like this occurred for another time.
  6. Nugget

    Nugget Veteran

    Forum ranks i luv it
  7. what do these ranks for forum give you
  8. Forum ranks are just for show. No benefits.
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  9. Oh ok thank you but it would be cool if the game and forum ranks could be transferred even if it’s a small percentage
  10. Commenting on the thread to place the Rules, Staff List and Voting Rewards higher on the thread list.
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