Rule 7 and rtp issues (renamed)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Kanna, Apr 25, 2020.

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  1. Kanna

    Kanna Veteran


    I was recently looking for somewhere to build and noticed abit of an issue with the RTP - finding a spot that is within the boundaries of rule 7 is extremely difficult.

    In 20 teleports using it, I only found 2 locations that were viable to build in. So its pretty much 1/10 and that probability is only getting lower over time..

    This testing was also done only using stick + shift right click at the location I rtp'd to - I don't think that reaches claims 100 blocks away but I could be wrong. edit: from the code it looks like it actually reaches 150±16 blocks - so abit more than the 100 block limit in rule 7, which means the probability is abit higher than above.

    I think the rtp radius should be expanded as this is what is recommended to new players joining the server by staff and players alike ('rtp to find a spot to build'). Yet when they do, they will most likely be instantly breaking rule 7.

    Another option is for staff to fly around the rtp radius, unclaiming expired claims (or starting the process, as I know theres abit more to it than that). This is obviously going to be a pain to do but I think something needs to be done.

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  2. They always expand the world when the server updates. Also, the rtp has a list of preset coordinates, it's not actually random. So it's quite easy to find large tracts of unclaimed land simply by walking a few hundred blocks from the point.
  3. Kanna

    Kanna Veteran

    are you sure they're preset?

    I don't really know what the server is using, but every plugin I've seen usually has a max range and the player is randomly placed within that. Even the vanilla way of using spreadplayers is done in the same way and I imagine this is what is being used as it does all of the teams stuff aswell.
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  4. Yes I am, unless it has been changed recently, which I doubt.
  5. Kanna

    Kanna Veteran

    mmkay, I mean with no evidence to back up that claim, I'm pretty skeptical about it as it seems like such a silly way to do it. Maybe if spreadplayers wasn't sufficient and rtp/wild plugins weren't allowed due to being semi-vanilla (doubt because I play semi-vanilla server(s) that have /rtp or /wild commands), then you'd do presets but I dunno. So until schaum/blade say otherwise, I'm still going to assume that is not the case.

    But either way I think the problem still exists, and if it is the case, changing it to be random rather than preset would be another possible solution.
  6. Mods and admins have regularly confirmed this. I agree that it is illogical, but it is true.
  7. Ikith

    Ikith Master

  8. It definitely used to be a preset list, I remember shadow and schaum talking about it.
  9. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    That seems pretty dumb imho, seems more complicated than just using spreadplayers unless they don't understand how to use spread players or want to eliminate the randomness? I have no clue why a preset list would be used.
  10. Kanna

    Kanna Veteran

    hey, I think this is the first time me and Ikith agree on something! there is one reason to not use spreadplayers though, if you read the note at the bottom of the gamepedia page:
    Which means people are more likely to be teleported closer to the center rather than the perimeter.

    Anyway, the thread isn't about what ridiculous methods they might be using to do something that would seem simple. Its more about the problem and not the solution as all we can do is guess - maybe my title was terrible. I have renamed it now.
  11. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    It sounds like the @r selector would mitigate this however, the @r selector selects a random player, paired with @r[limit=3] (or whatever, limit=3 according to the gamepedia page on selectors, targets 3 players) that paired with distance @r[limit=3,distance=0..10] (distance=0..10 selects any player from 0 to 10 blocks, can be shorter or longer as needed) would theoretically make spread players completely random, and I believe you can still respect teams since that's a spreadplayers function.

    Sorry I know this is off topic but there are ways around the spreadplayers limitations it seems?

    Maybe I'm reading the note wrong though.
  12. Kanna

    Kanna Veteran

    uhh you could be right there I'm not sure. The way I interpeted that was the randomness for @r selector does not follow the gaussian distribution. Reading the example just above the note is why I came to that conclusion, but honestly I'm not familar with the command or selector to know.
  13. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    The random tp does not use preset locations, it's meant to be able to tp you anywhere within the specified radius. Unfortunately there are many claims within what we currently set it as :/

    I usually wait a bit to update the max tp radius when we expand. It's just been set to reach nearly the full radius of the world, so you should be able to find more spots now.
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  14. Kanna

    Kanna Veteran

    thank u

    found a very nice forest with no nearby claims after 3 rtps, very happy :D
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  15. Isn't the easiest solution is to take more than 2 steps into a rtp before trying to make a claim. As far as I can tell most players don't just rtp and expect to be like yep this is the exact perfect spot to build. Most are looking for a particular biome or just a cool spot to build and there for use the rtp as a jumping off point to go out into the world, I know walking such a drag, to find said spot. I don't think there is a real issue since there is vast amounts of space that is still untouched on the server, just my humble noodle opinion.
  16. shift right click with a stick, it shows if there is any claims in a (what I am assuming) 100 block radius.
  17. Kanna

    Kanna Veteran

    did you just read like the first 3 words of the post?

    I really was unable to find that space - not inside the old RTP radius atleast. Like I mentioned in 20 RTPs I only found 2 spots that I could of 100% built in while keeping to rule 7. I did try walking abit and sure there were some areas - I never said it was impossible, but I ran into the same problem all over and like you mentioned people are usually looking for a specific biome or two. So, why not just expand it so its easier?

    Anyway schaum has adjusted the rtp radius now, and its waaaay easier to find a nice spot. So this can be locked or something so I can stop getting emails and feeling the need to reply :<
  18. Thread locked by OPs request.
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