Ros' Event staff application v2

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  1. Name: Roscumber ~ Ros
    Discord: Roscumber#0465
    Time Zone: GMT

    Are there any specific ways you'd like to help?

    I'd love to help with building, and events if needed. I have a lot of time outside and even inside of school, so I'm usually readily available.

    What regarding events do you think could be improved upon?

    Regarding the new event timings that have come out, timings would have been the only thing i would have commented on so thank yall for that - im so excited for the new timings to be in place.

    Do you have any ideas for a game/event?

    I know so many players loved the Hide and Seek events that happened a while back, so even making that a more random event for players to enjoy would be awesome. Also I know my build comp team (bear) did want to continue building another project together, so even an alternative style build competition could be really fun and get players engaged again post-comp or in general.
    Furthermore, since my last application ive been contemplating the idea of more diverse events, such as recreated sports or an 'Olympic' style set of events. An example ive been trying to create is a water obstacle course, utilizing soul sand and magma blocks to prevent/help players reach an ending button. This could definitely have multiple themes and stories behind it, and i really feel we could make this interesting to try with players.

    Are you interested in helping with redstone or command blocks?

    Always skdjkj My knowledge of both has grown quite a bit recently, and will try my hardest to help out where I can with what I know. However I'm a fast learner, and I'm super interested to learn more. Would definitely be exciting to get better at those elements of events.

    Would you be interested in helping with the creation of warps/events?

    Most definitely, I'd really love to. As I say, I've got lots of free time to work on projects, and I'd be excited to help.

    I was in Team Bear in the build comp that just passed, and here are a few of the builds and interiors. I did quite a few other interiors/decor so if you would like to see feel free to just ask :') I also came 2nd in the gingerbread build comp with Rev that recently passed too, i don't really have any pictures tho :/
    Also my shop at savannah warp, and my long castle project that is yet to be finished.

    If you want to see anything else, pls dm me or ask online and i would b super happy to show yall :')

    2020-09-02_10.33.11 (1)aaaa.png Build comp ^
    Build comp ^
    Build comp ^
    Gingerbread Build comp (underground) ^
    Most recent pillar of castle finished ^
    My shop design at savannah ^
    A little interior in my castle ^
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