Rin's Event Staff Application v4

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    Name (Ign): SmolRin
    Discord: Rin.#1014


    Time Zone: Central Standard Time

    Are there any specific ways you'd like to help?

    I would like to help build the warps and host the events, or whatever is needed.

    What regarding events do you think could be improved upon?

    I think that there needs to be a few new maps to the head hunt and treasure hunt arena, since people already are aware of the spawn rates for trapped chests, and most locations a head can be for head hunt.

    Do you have any ideas for a game/event?

    I would like to see a Hide-and-seek type event going on within the server, a tag game, or a scavenger hunt with heads or items (unlike treasure hunt, with the scavenger hunt you find specific items).

    Are you interested in helping with redstone or command blocks?

    I would like to learn and help where I can when it comes to command blocks/redstone, I am a fast learner.

    Would you be interested in helping with the creation of warps/events?

    I would like to help build the warps, I am good at terraforming and interior decorating when it comes to building.
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