Rin's Event Staff Application v3

Discussion in 'Event Staff Apps' started by SmolRin, Dec 29, 2020.

  1. SmolRin

    SmolRin Recruit

    IGN: SmolRin
    Age: Eighteen
    Time Zone: CST

    I would like to help either hosting events, or helping build new warps for events. I am relatively good at terraforming and am decent at building/interior design. I have terraformed quite a bit in Safe Survival, along with built unique buildings.. I would like to see a hide and seek/tag event hosted on safe survival. I have hosted a few player-ran hide and seek matches in the Head Hunt/Treasure Hunt arena and gave prizes to the winner of each round, I have also hosted player-run spleef when the arena at Mushroom Island Warp had existed. I think that the Head Hunt/Treasure Hunt arenas need a few "maps" to choose from, since everyone knows most of the spots beforehand and it could change up the game for newer people to get a grip of it, as well. I love seeing how well events bring people together

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