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Discussion in 'Event Staff Apps' started by SmolRin, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. SmolRin

    SmolRin Recruit

    IGN: SmolRin (PostApocalypse currently)
    Age: Seventeen
    Time Zone: CST

    I would like to help either hosting events, or helping build new warps for events. I am relatively good at terraforming and am decent at building/interior design.

    I do think Treasure Hunt/Head Hunt, along with a few other events, can need an upgrade to have a few arenas to choose from.

    I would like to see a hide and seek or tag event hosted in Safe Survival. I think it would be pretty popular :D

    I would like to help with the creations of warps/overall events on the server, whether it be terraforming, interior design, or generally building the warps themselves.
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