Reward Changes for Fossil

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by SageSlay, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. I just noticed that the rewards have changed for reaching Fossil. Originally it stated that upon reaching Fossil rank, players would have a date with Shaz, but now players will have a date with a stunt double. I think the dedication that players put in for voting for two years deserves to have a date with the one and only Shaz.

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  2. Sage thank you for bringing up this very important suggestion I think anyone who gets fossil should have the privilege to have a date with the real shaz xD
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  3. We've been mislead... Grab the pitchforks!
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  4. This is unacceptable
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  5. No it should be dank memez and a fidget spinner
  6. Absolutely horrible! What's the point of voting, if not for the date? :(
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  7. Wow shaz. :I stop trying to scam us out of our dates.
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  8. Thank you Sage for bringing this evil corruption to the surface. Now we can address the issue and demand the return of our Right to Date Schaum.
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  9. Appalling...a stunt double! What were you thinking.
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  10. Nugget

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    This is unnapcetable whoever gets Fossil has to get a date with schuam
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