Replacement-shiny hat (slimeblock)

Discussion in 'Item Replacements' started by Samicans, Sep 16, 2020 at 3:11 AM.

  1. Samicans

    Samicans Villager

    What item was lost: shiny hat (slime block with unbreaking 1)
    How did you lose it?: placed it
    What time did you lose it at: wednesday the 16 of september 16:50
    When was the last time it was in a chest: wednesday 16 september 2020 my600poundlifes end junkyard
    Have you had a replacement for this item before?: no
  2. ABashfulbear

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    Myself and another moderator spent some time looking through your logs for the last two days, twice the time period you mentioned. We cannot find any record of you having a shiny slime block, so unless you can provide more evidence of you having a shiny slime block, we will not be replacing your item.


  3. Samicans

    Samicans Villager

    strange i can show you the block and i can ask the guy i bought it from but thats about it and if you cant replace it thats ok it was only 2db

    ill place it on an item frame in my base for you to see

    but unlesss you want to ask my600poundlife (the guy i bought it from) theres not much me or you can do D:

    also it could have been a little bit after because i cant remember the exact time because it was like the day before but try from 21:00, sorry for my rubbish communication skills
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