Replacement- Elytra named Monarch Wings with Mending

Discussion in 'Item Replacements' started by Ambus, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. Ambus

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    I've lost my elytra around due to the item lagged out. Haven't got the time to play so didn't report it earlier. kiewoo checked the logs and haven't found logs of it leaving my inventory so it's not by accident on my part. I kinda need it back cuz i only have one. Pls help.

    What item was lost: Elytra

    How did you lose it?: Lag Spike

    What time did you lose it at: Around mid-end August

    When was the last time it was in a chest: 2891 11 -14626 136 days ago

    Have you had a replacement for this item before?: No
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  2. ABashfulbear

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    Sorry for the delay in responding. I have checked the logs going as far back as when your elytra was last in a chest. There aren't any logs of it being put in a chest, being dropped or even entering your inventory. Without logs, we cannot replace your elytra, sorry.



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