Replacement Elite Bow & Unbreakable Shovel

Discussion in 'Item Replacements' started by Faquarl, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. What item was lost: Elite Bow & Unbreakable Shovel
    How did you lose it?: Unknown, probably during one of the intermittent rollbacks.
    What time did you lose it at: First noticed them missing in August but thought they was stuck in my broken autosorter. Replaced my autosorter in the last month and they were not in there. I have been through all my chat logs to double check I did not lend them to someone and have checked through all of my chests.
    When was the last time it was in a chest: probably a month before august, in one of the single item stack barrels above my autosorter
    Have you had a replacement for this item before?: No for both
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    Sorry for the delay in responding, both the items have been replaced and can be found in your inventory.


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