RegenSausage's Event Staff Application

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  1. Name: RegenSausage
    Age: 19
    Time Zone: PST

    • Are there any specific ways you'd like to help?
    Nothing specific, but I am up for any task related to server events. Hosting events, building for events, etc. (Yes I know, not looking for hosts)
    • What regarding events do you think could be improved upon?
    I wish many events could be more accessible during times when event staff are not on. Obviously the slew of command blocks makes that unrealistic and difficult, I believe there could be some workarounds to solve this.
    • Do you have any ideas for a game/event?
    Sure do! I created my own version of the server's spleef arena. I call it Sp-leaf! It is public and free at any time to host a game. It is located at the Ice Spikes warp.
    Coords: X: -6389 / Z: -727

    I sure am! My command block knowledge is limited, but I could dedicate some time to learning it. I have a little bit of coding knowledge, where I took an intro to C++ class. I have intermediate redstone skill as well.
    • Would you be interested in helping with the creation of warps/events?
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